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Ok sorry I just need this one card. I don't know what to do and it's kinda too late to do anything now, but so I was skating today and there was this guy about my age that started to talk to me. Like we didn't have a full convo, but anytime we passed each other it was all smiles. I thought he was gonna talk to me and get my number, but my brother started standing beside me. UGH!! Well all of this kept happening and then he started staying near me other than away from me in the very beginning. But then I had to leave!!! Guys this sucks so much. He was also pretty cute! Sorry I put this on y'all I just had to rant a second.....馃槄馃槄 but I go almost every Sunday and he kinda acted like he would be there next Sunday when the announcer was talking about how it's cheaper on Sundays.......if he is there can y'all help me on like what I should say to him cause I'm not good at this....馃槄馃槉 thanks!!!
Ok I'll try thanks!! @drummergirl691 @Starbell808
Oh I'm so sorry I thought I responded but I guess I didnt馃槄馃槄 but I'm 15....馃槄 @Jinnyrod3
i was trying to help her @jinnyro3 lol hahahah
goodness I remember those days... I dk what really to do I let them approach if they're really interested but if your bro is around I'd maybe say hey. once maybe twice to see what he'll do.
wait how old are you? cuz I've got different scenarios in my mind lol
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