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"Huh...haah...huh..." I had been awake for a few minutes because I couldn't sleep when I heard Jin sit up and start panting. "Ha...Y/.../N..." Jin shifted to turn on his lamp. He saw me sitting upright, staring at him. "I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"
"No, I've been up for a while. More importantly, are you okay Jin?" I stood up and dragged my chair beside his bed.
"Do I look okay?" Jin pointed to his face. He did not look okay. His hair was going this way and that way. I could see a few beads of sweat drying on his forehead and a bit of drool on his cheek. There were light dark circles under his eyes. It just kinda looked like he had just woken up, but that kinda is what happened.
"Not really." I sat on the chair across from him.
"You're right, I'm not okay..." Jin mumbled a few things under his breath that I couldn't hear.
"What happened?"
"A dream." Jin collected himself and faced me. "You getting taken away from me. Me having to watch you suffer. I understand that you haven't known us very long, but you're very special to me," I giggled and listened to him ramble about other things. Later on, I started to ramble a bit about random things.
"This is a much better night than last night, isn't it?" I laughed slightly.
"Talking to you is better than worrying that you got cut by mirror shards." Jin leaned back on his hands then looked at my desk then back to me. "Are you uncomfortable sitting there?" I shook my head. "Not what I was planning...but okay. Um, you can sit on my bed if you want to." I slid onto his bed beside him. We continued to talk until it became Jin rambling on and on. I didn't want to, but I fell half asleep and fell to the side and didn't want to move. Jin made a happy sound in the back of his throat then took me back to my bed.
"Y/N. Get up now and eat. We have to go a bit earlier today so that you can get some important stuff done today." I opened my eyes and saw Jin staring down at me with a smile. "Come on now, food." I followed him into the dining area where 6 other people sat. I sat and ate my cereal quickly like the others and cleaned up. I did my morning routine like the others and left with the others for the Big Hit building.
"Y/N." A woman greeted me at the door. I didn't know her, but she seemed nice to me. She guided me to a room with a few other people that I noticed were the same people that were there at the rules meeting. I did paperwork and other important stuff that you're required to do. At the end of the few hours of paperwork, the woman who greeted me at the door came up to me. "Hi there!"
"Oh, hello there. I'm y/l/n y/f/n, though I'm sure you already know that." I laughed nervously.
"Yes, I've been informed of your situation. I'm not jealous or anything. Actually, I am, who isn't, amiright? Oh yes, I'm Ryuk InJa. Follow me to your new office then I'll tell you about your job." She almost skipped to the elevators, and the entire walk. "Here we are." She opened the door for me as I stepped in. A light green desk was off centered on the wall, a black computer sat on top of the desk and a blue swivel chair was off to the side.
"Wow..." I looked around at the other things in the office. A box of ins and outs was in the corner, so I checked it out.
"Those are little donations from some of the other workers in the same division as you'll be in." InJa was still standing at the doorway smiling. "We're in the show division. As in we work with other variety shows to make it really interesting. Sometimes whenever they have their own variety show, we're the ones that do that stuff. We also work with social media updates on different websites. Oh! One of the best things we get to do is organize the boy's trips." I nodded to her words as I continued to look in the box.
"InJa." I stood up and looked at her.
"When you said earlier that everybody is jealous, what did you mean by that?"
"Oh, you didn't know?" I shook my head and she pulled out her phone from her pocket.
"On our official site, we posted this article about BTS' being part of this experiment. We shot down any rumors of you starting to date them or being a stalker, so don't worry." She continued to scroll through the article about me and BTS. "It's just about BTS being part of this scientific experiment to see if they can take care of a girl. Many people commented that it was like these two other groups." I nodded and sat down on the chair.
"Now the fangirls might try to beat me up because I'm with BTS..."
"No, we told them that they just have to protect you from the guys from that place basically. They aren't allowed to interfere with any arguments or fights." She put her phone back into her pocket and walked up to me. "The number one rule is that they are not allowed to attack you out of jealous feelings and they aren't allowed to scold you for being with them." I nodded again
"I heard that you are able to pick just one to be your main protector." She squatted down in front of me. "Who did you pick?"
"Oh, I picked Jin." I looked down at her.
"Jin, he's a great person. He's my favorite out of them. I didn't read the whole thing, but I saw that you'll only be here for 6 months." I nodded. "If you don't mind, I want to take him. As in date him when he's free from you, not that you're a bad thing. It's just that, I really adore him. him."
END OF CHAPTER 7! Over the span of over a week. That just shows how productive I am, really. I was about to start writing this then remembered that I have to memorize stuff for reading class. It's 2 paragraphs of the 'I have a dream' speech. Great. Anywhos, I hope you are enjoying the story so far. If you are re-reading the story like I do sometimes, I would suggest reading each member's chapters in order instead of jumping around. Cause, confusion. Suggestions for chapters, events, whatever for the story are great (especially for Namjoon's parts). Feedback is great too, and any questions you have are welcome. Righty, boing~
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I adore Jin.....he'd be the one I'd want to date my daughter.
aghhh i love this! I've finally caught up.