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First Apply Base Coat to protect your natural nail
After Base Coat it dry apply a pink nail polish I'm using Sally Hansen 205 Pink Blink.
After pink is dry... on your Index and Ring Finger add a thick white Tip On your middle and pinky add vertical white lines. After the white in your Index and Ring Finger have dried... Add the letters WJ on index and SN ring finger with the black nail polish
Now on Your thumb Finger use a darker Pink to draw a heart..should look like the one in the logo
After all your nails have dried add a top coat to add shine and protect your design.
Your Final design should look likes this if not better :) If you guys decide to do it tag me in the picture
cute I love doing nails and nail art
That is so cool!
the stripes are so cute!
yeah that to hard for me I some how end up painting my whole hand lol