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"So Sehun, where are we going?" _____ asks walking the same pace as Sehun, he frowns looking forward. "You call everyone else Oppa, why don't you call me Oppa?" Sehun asks not looking at her, she lets out a giggle at his cuteness. "Oh, because were around the same age!" She explains, followed by silence making _____ furrow her eyebrow's not understanding why he seemed upset. "Oh! Do you want me to call you Oppa?" She asks not believing it. "What if i wanted you to? Would you?" He asks taking a glance at her face which was confused at this point. "If you told me to call you oppa i would!" She says making his lips twitch into a smile. "I w-want you to call me Oppa" Sehun says coughing at the end making _____ giggle uncontrollably . "O-ok, Sehun opppppaaa" she says nudging his shoulder making him smile widely. "So, sehun oppa, where are we going?" _____ tries again, "to my favourite bubble tea shop.. I found it a while ago and its really good!" He says smiling, they make a sharp turn to the left. Due to the unevenness on the road, _______ clumsily trips over her own feet. Sehun quickly grabs her and steadies her. The position was awkward. ______ tries to catch her breath not noticing Sehun's longing stare at her lips. ______ looks up into his eyes being drawn to him, he slightly leans in while she holds the stare. Before there lips could touch Sehun's phone goes off snapping the two into action as ______ literally takes a meter step away from him. 'Was i going to kiss him?!? Omo!! I cantttt! I just met him!!!! Ugh my heartu!' She mentally fights with herslef as Sehun grabs his phone. "Hello?" He says aggressively into the phone upset the mood was disturbed. "Sehun? Are you ok? You sound upset! Where are you?" Kai says on the other line. 'Yes im upset! You interrupted me when i was going to kiss _____!' He mentally answers. "No im good, im out side going to have bubble tea with ____" he says emphasizing on _____. So he gets the message he kind of disturbed something. "_____? Is it a date!? Omg you sly little maknae!" Kai says amused yet kinda jealous. "Haha no, is there a reason you called?" Sehun asks eyeing _____ from the corner of his eyes, she had a conflicted face on and kept walking back and forth. He smiles to himself happy he had that kind of effect on her. "Ah~ Chanyeol was acting weird and D.O seemed pretty upset after Chanyeol talked to him...i was wondering maybe you would know what they are alking about" Sehun sighs into the phone. 'Maybe its about YeonHee? Or maybe its about him and ___ going out for bubble tea?' "Kai i dont know...tell Suho Hyung i'll be home in about an hour, i got to go bye" he says cutting the line leaving a smirking Kai. "Who was that?" D.O asks walking into the living room. "Sehun, and judging from his tone im guessing i disturbed something between him and ____" he says chuckling, D.O nodded before excusing himself to his room angry. "Is everything ok?" _____ asks back to her original self. "Yup! Now lets go to the shop already!" Sehun grabs a hold of her hand as they race to the hop. Once walking in the smell of tea and sweetness fulled her nose making her inhale deeply instantly falling in love with the shop. "Two large bubble tea's" sehun orders looking at ______ for her flavour choice. "Coco!" She replies reciving an approving nodd from sehun. "Both coco flavoured" he grabs his wallet as _____ stops him. "Sehun oppa, let me pay today! You can pay next time!" She says kindly, his heart swelled up when she practically said they would go out again for bubble tea again, but he wasn't going to let her pay! "No, i'll pay! I brought you out here and how would it be if i dont buy you anything on our date" Sehun paled once he realized what had slipped out of his mouth. ______ flushes bright red at the thought of a date. 'At least she isnt wanting to pay anymore' Sehun thinks looking at the bright side passing over the money. "Here you go sir, two large coco bubble teas" the cashier says handing over the teas smiling widely. "Thank you!" Sehun passes over the tea to _____ who accepts it glady bowing. "Thank you Sehun Oppa!" She begins to fiddle with the sealing of the tea making Sehun stare at her weirdly. "Its been to long since i had bubble tea" she mumbles apologetically as sheun passes a straw and puts it in his own to show her how its done. _____ blushes at her failure as she jabs in in forcely making some tea to come out of the staw and squirt her face. ((AN-Nim: This actually happened to my friend, it was halirous!!)) "Hahahah ______ let me help you" Sehun says grabbing a tissue and wiping her cheek delicately as she stares at his face admiring his features up close, Sehun smiles getting lost in her eyes. "Escuse me" an elderly woman says wanting to get out of the store door which the duo was blocking. "Sorry!!" ______ saying coving her blushed face. "What a cute couple" she says smiling before exiting the shop making the two avoid looking at each other due to the last comment. "Speaking of which, we should get going!" Sehun mutters out leading her out of the store. "So, _____ where do you live?" He asks taking a sip of the heavenly delight. "Oh, just a few more blocks" she replies making him nod. "I'll walk you" he days confidently making her forrow her eyebrows. "But how will i know you made it home safe?" She asks worriedly making him feel tingly all over "i'll text you, give me your number" Sehun asks her, internally cheering that he got her number. As the had friendly small conversation they come to her house. "I guess this is good bye?" Sehun says painfully literally wanting to take her back home. "Yea...Sehun Oppa? I had a great time...thank you" she says shyly making him nod. "No problem, im glad you had a great tome! Maybe we can do it-" he was caught off when _____ leaned in to peck his cheek before saying bye and running off into her house. Sehun stood there dumfounded before he bagan walking back to his place. Subconsciously he reached up and touched his cheek closing his eyes replying the scene over and over again in his head. Her lips were so luscious and soft, he couldnt help but wish it was on his lips instead. "Sehun-ah!!" He hears Kai, looking he sees himself in front of the house "How long you you plan on just standing there! come in!! Its cold out!!" He hollers as Sehun rushes inside. "So?" Kai asks as Sehun takes his coat off and puts in in the hanger walking into the living room where all the members sat watching tv. "What?" He asks taking a seat beside Suho. "How was the date?!" Sehun squirms under the intense stares of his Hyungs. "It wasent a date!! We went out for bubble tea" he defends looking down. "So it went good?" "Yes, it was amazing" Sehun mumbles touching his cheek, Chanyeol understood and fumed with anger before clearing his throat making him snap from his trance. "Im going to bed" Sehun states running to his room closing the door. "Hmmm...do you think Sehun has a thing for _____?" Suho asks dumbly, the rest give him a 'seriously' look making his cower slightly. _____________________________________ Hope you enjoyed! Tags: @tiffany1922 @morhilge1441
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