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Hi everyone! This is a sneak peak to the world of Algerian cuisine. Basically Algerian cuisine has influences from various sources, Mediterranean, Turkish, French and local, although not much form the middle east cuisine. So of course the number one dish in Algeria would be "Couscous" it's the same in all north Africa, but everyone does it in its own way, in Algeria it's a tradition to cook it every Friday (week-end in Algeria) and there's a plenty of different sorts in which the couscous (the grains) are cooked the same way on steam but the sauce, meat and vegetable can change, it can be hot or not with lamb, beef chicken or even fish. So what's important to know about Algerian couscous is that it's not a side dish it's a main course and there are never sausages on it or barbecue grilled meat, the one on the photograph is couscous with lamb, courgettes, turnips and chickpeas and cinnamon (we use a lot of chickpeas in Algerian cuisine but never mixed like Hummus, it's not known in our country) the photo is not mine, I never had the idea of taking pictures of a couscous lol The next dish is called "Mtawem" translated "Garlicky" because there's a lot of garlic in there so there's the white soft version and the red hot version even if they seem to forget the pealed almonds in their dish, so figure out which one I prefer? ...... yeah it's the red hot one yum ;p . Well it's made out of lamb meat with garlic and minced lamb meat balls and pealed almonds, cumin and in the red version we add hot peppers powder and concentrated tomatoes, this dish is prepared to guests in weddings and on the fasting month (Ramadan). The next one also a national side dish is "Bourek" it comes also from Turkish cuisine it's something like Chinese spring rolls the difference is that we don't use rice paper rounds to wrap it but they are called Brick sheets (also wheat based, and also used to make pastries) so the stuffing goes from minced meat parsley and eggs to chicken and bechamel, spinach potatoes and cheese, tuna and onions, shrimps endless varieties. This rolls always go with a soupe (especially in Ramadan) there's a plenty of soupes depending on the region you're in but the one almost every Algerian likes is "Chorba Frick" = Frick soupe (frick is a kind of green crushed wheat) so it's a soupe with lamb meat in general, mixed potatoes, carrots celery and onions and the most important Frick and lots of fresh coriander, it's the smell of Ramadan in Algeria, you eat this with a freshly made still hot local bread called matloue (no way to translate it lol) it's the 6th photo this one is made by me I remembered to take it after eating the half of it
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