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It's a new year.

With each year comes a new plethora of terms that make name for themselves -- especially when it comes to the online world. Last year it was netflix and chill and lit. These two terms took over everyone's lingo and graced pretty much every caption on social media.
We are almost three months into the new year and with that being said, it's time to see what you know. Some of these terms are new and some have been around for a bit. Ready to be hip'd? Keep scrolling and get your lingo poppin'. It's lit.

1. OTP

Definition: Not to get this confused with Naughty By Nature's OPP, OTP stands for one true pairing. In other words, this phrase is referring to a couple that you have high hopes for or a take a strong liking to. The majority of everyone's OTP would be Beyonce and Jay-Z or Kim and Kanye.
Use In A Sentence: Obama and Michelle are such the perfect OTP.

2. Ship

Definition: Ship is the root word of relationship, regarding two people you would love to see together.
Use In A Sentence: Chris Brown would be super jealous, but Rihanna and Drake are so ship goals.

3. Stan

Definition: Leave it up to Eminem to write a song about a term that later became a popular term to reference a person that is obsessed with a celebrity. It goes past being a fan. The thirst is real.
Use In A Sentence: When it came to One Direction she was the biggest stan ever.

Do you know any fairly new popular internet terms?

Share them below.
these words are stupid. I could make better words with my butt. 'tock' this is a word for when some one is talking out their ass, or buttocks. such a person is said to be 'tocking' shit. I dont tock shit though. with the support of the vingle community we can make this happen. everyone needs to shoulder the responsibility to say 'tock' at least 20 times every day. now go forth and do my bidding!
Yeah, I'll admit it took me awhile to get it @danidee
Stan is funny too but unless you are a person of the internet, a lot of people don't get what 'stan' means!
I love that one too lol especially out of the above categories @danidee
Hahahaha, I love using ship, especially for couples that would be kind of random to pair together.
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