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So It is Sunday and time to appreciate our Maknae of Got7 the adorable and yummy Yugeom. As Promised this card is going to be a one shot of Yugeom x Reader. Hope you all enjoy!!
Here I am sitting in the Library reading waiting for my shift to end. There's about an hour left until closing when some scary guys come in. The library is pretty deserted and the vibe rolling off these guys is making my hair stand on end. I am afraid to be alone, but at the same time I know my boyfriend is practicing for his comeback.
I am seriously debating whether or not to call Yugeom or shoot him a text. Last time this happened I was almost mugged and raped walking home, this was before meeting Yugeom. But gosh those guys keep giving me the side eye. I shoot a text to my bae.
"Bae, there are some scary guys in the library and I am all alone. Do you think you can meet me at the end of my shift to walk me home"
As soon as I hit send I heard a large clap of thunder outside. Oh great what I need a dark and stormy night to make me even more terrified. The guys come to the desk with some books and giving me some strange vibes. As soon as they come up another clap of thunder goes off and the power goes off. Then lightening strikes. I have goosebumps all over me as a hand grabs my arm I scream.
Lightening strikes again and see the look of evil in the men's eyes. They pull me with all their strength across the desk and I scream. At the sound of my scream another clap of thunder sounds and lightening flashes across the night time sky. I try kicking and hitting my captures.
Some of my kicks land in their private sections and one of them put their hand by my mouth. I bite down hard and start running. Even in the dark I know my way around the library, memorizing the layout through the many years and shifts I work here.
I pull my phone out and dial Yugeom and put him on mute but my phone on speaker so he could hear what is going on. The capture are yelling "Come out, Come out, where ever you are or when we find you it will be even worse than you could ever imagine."
I sniffle but try not to make any sound to give up my hiding space. I am terrified in the corner of the library where Yugeom and I makeout and cuddle. I hear some scuffling and more from the storm outside. I cover my ears and rock back and forth.
Then I feel arms go around me and pick me up. I start to kick. I feel someone turn me around and pull my hands away from my ears.
"Shhh, baby. It's ok. They can't hurt you anymore. I am right here for you! I won't let anything ever hurt you."
I sigh in relief and look at my savior and burst in to tears of relief. He wraps his arms around me more and my legs go around his waist. He sits us back down on the floor in our spot. He wipes away my tears and kisses my eyes. Smiles at me, kisses my forehead. Soothes my fragile nerves by rocking me back and forth in his arms, and pressing light kisses to my temple.
Once I am more settled down I look him in the eyes and kiss his lips. Gently the kiss starts, with our lips meshing together as one and then becomes aggressive. I pull back from the kiss.
"Bae, I just thank you for coming to my rescue," I say.
"Baby, I will always come. God please always text me when you are working late. I'll show up an hour before your shift ends so this never happens again, or I'll have someone here like one of the guys or one of our friends so you aren't alone. I am so happy you texted and call me. Do you know how scared I was when you called and all I heard was you sniffling and them hunting you down. GAH!! I don't even want to think what would have happened."
At that moment the power came on. I looked at my precious prince. He looked at me and noticed the bruises that already formed on my arms and by my mouth. His eyes turn dark like he wanted to commit murder.
I look at him and kiss him.
"Can we go home now?"
"That sounds like a good idea. I'll run you a hot bath and then we will cuddle and watch The Notebook, baby. How does that sound."
He stands up with my legs still wrapped around him. I slowly unwrap my legs from his waist. He slowly lowers me to the ground and releases me. He then takes my hands and heads to the desk. I am still nervous looking around for the culprits.
"Don't worry I wasn't alone when I came. Mark and Jackson where with me and help take of those guys with me. They made sure to take them outside."
I sigh in relief and grab my purse and keys. He walks me to the door and I notice an umbrella lying there. He picks it up as I turn the lights off. We get outside he opens the umbrella as I lock up. Takes my hand brings me into his side and releases my hand to wrap and arm around my waist to pulls me into the protection of his side. I inhale his scent and smile.
"I love you Yugeom!"
He tightens his hold around me more. "I love you more than anything (y/n)!"
The light flashes with lightening but this time it isn't scary especially with him by myside.
Well I hope you all liked this one shot. I did my best. I don't know much about the maknae except he is adorable.
<3<3<3<3IGOT7 TEAM<3<3<3
My lovely friends
@VeronicaArtino ewwwww πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I mean I can come up with a dozen scenarios with Jackson
Okay @VeronicaArtino I see what u r doing in this ff, living out ur fantasy with Maknae am I right or am I right? Just kidding lol nice piece
@KeziahWright I love your comment. I just got the cheesy vibe from the maknae. lol @luna1171 right the notebook is a good cuddling movie
There was a little suspense. it and romantic. . plus I love the notebook. part ..watching it a cuddling is perfect lol
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