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Jin: He had gone the whole day wondering if he had seen your shirt before since it seemed familiar. The moment it hit him since it was in fact his, he would burst into giggles both at how cute you are and how stupid he was.
Wait, is that mine!?!
Suga: When he wakes up to find you sleeping in one of his t-shirts, he would suddenly feel a wave of affection at how adorable you look and would probably wake you up just to tell you.
You know I love you right? Even more now?
J-Hope: As soon as he realized what you were wearing he wouldnt be able to get over how great you look in it, pointing it his shirt to every person who entered the room.
Guess whos shirt (Y/N) is wearing? Its mine! Doesnt it LOOK PERFECT!!
Rap Monster: Every other member would notice you were wearing his shirt before he does, and eventually Jin points it out. At first he is little flustered, but he quickly gets over it and pretends its normal.
Why are you acting like its a big deal. Its not. Nope. Not at all.
Jimin: When you he him in the morning, wearing one of his shirts, he would tease you lightheartedly about it but rather obviously love it since he thinks you look the absolute cutest in his clothes.
Aw Jagi, its not fair! You look better in that than I do!
V: Be ready for a day full of skinship, because thats what you get when you wear one of Taes sweatshirts. He would fawn over you the moment you show up in his clothes, thinking you look better in them than anything else.
Have I told you youre cute? and super pretty today. And amazing!
Jungkook: He would be a little shy about it, especially when all the older members make fun of him on how serious his relationship is now, but whenever he looks back at you in his oversized t-shirt, he forgets all the teasing.
Im not complaining, but why are you wearing that? Seriously, not complaining though.
Suga's made me blush HARD CORE
So cute! I love JHope's, V's, and Jimin's the most. Okay I just love all of them!!
Im blushing so much for Jin O///////O
because I want to jeon jungkook eue
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