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for the people that say that he is does your brain work?! He is literally an angel
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ok who do I need to beat down for saying such stupid ass things. Hobi is just a beautiful ray of sunshine
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He's not my bias in BTS but he is literally gorgeous, they are all perfect, just a bunch of haters hating on him, that's the price of being beautiful.
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Point me in the direction of people that are saying Hobi is ugly!!! He is the most precious BTS sweetheart And my bias. Someone needs to explain to these people how wrong they are. !!!馃懣馃懣馃懣 ok I am calm now.
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omg.. j hope is literally a ray of sunshine, and he's so beautiful how could anyone think he's not. it just makes me mad... 馃槱馃槱馃槱
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i dream of BTS when i sleep... and... well.. mostly its about J-HOPE and his handsome face
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