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DC or Marvel eh? Is it okay to like both? Well I think so. Unfortunately, there's some people out there who don't believe such things. "HERESY" they say. I beg to differ.
As much as I love the Marvel characters, DC has a special place in my heart as well. Before I ever watched the x-men, my first superhero tv series was Batman TAS. It was dark and gritty and my first thoughts were "cool". That was when I first started liking all things superheroes. DC lead me to Marvel too. So that's why I love both and I think that's fine. And I know a lot of people say that Batman and Ironman share some similarities....I don't think they're the only ones.
Thor and Superman are both aliens (as much as Thor is a deity in mythology, they're more thought of as aliens which....kinda makes sense) who come to Earth and end up becoming heroes and protectors. Sure their personalities are a bit different, but they have a few things in common, including a person from their home planet coming to earth and initially plan to enslave it (Loki and Zod).
Don't forget these 2 kitties. Both of these ladies use seduction and cunning when it comes down to facing their respective "heroes". They're also considered anti-heroes with Catwoman coming to Batman's aid and Black Cat coming to Spider-Man's aid despite their criminal statuses.
And of course I had to add these two. I don't care that they share the Marvel name...even though Captain Marvel is DC. They're both good at doing what they do. And that's the only connection they got lol. I don't think Carol can turn into a young girl and I don't think Billy is half-Kree lol.
The point is I love both DC and Marvel because they both have memorable characters that we can relate to and become inspired by.
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I am a huge fan of both though I gotta that D.C. is trying way to hard lately
I grew up with both and I love them all so much!!! I don't see how you could love one but not the other!
@redapple615 I agree with that a person can like both Marvel and DC. Their characters do have similar traits and are different in some ways to make them interesting. ☺
I like both , It would be hard to pick just one of them .
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