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Xiumin: Xiumin found it cute that you would hug him from behind at random moments through-out the day. The feel of your small arms trying to encircle the whole of Xiumins body amused him. Anytime he turned around to hug you back, you would have skittered away, leaving Xiumin excited for the next time you hug him.
Kris: Kris didnt know why you started hugging him throughout the days when you were together but he didnt mind, he found it endearing. Although you didnt mean to, the last time you hugged Kris a little too hard and made his hat fall off as you two fell to the ground. But thats okay, Kris just picked up his hat and smiled at you.
Luhan: Luhan would be kind of scared of you when you randomly hugged him. You never said anything, just sneaked up and wrapped your arms around his neck before slipping away. All Luhan got was you smiling creepily at him while you giggled running away.
Lay: I think Lay would be really confused every time you hugged him. We all know Lay can be really slow when it comes to certain things. You usually did it when he was sitting down somewhere so you had time to run away. But you were feeling extra cuddly and wanted to see his face this time; it was priceless.
Suho: The first time you randomly hugged Suho he was very surprised. The second time you randomly hugged Suho he was like a giggly teen. Now anytime you got remotely close to Suho he would stare at you then look away then stare back; just daring you to hug him again.
Chen: Of course Chen found it adorable that you would hug him at random moments when he wasnt paying attention. It made his day a little bit better every time he could feel your body pressed against him. But he was getting tired of you not letting him hug you back so Chen decided that two can play at that game. Plus, it was more fun that way.
Chanyeol: You loved to randomly hug Chanyeol during the day; the surprise that spread across his face before the big smile lit up his face was incomparable. Chanyeol would just wish you would let him hug you back so he didnt have to run around the apartment to catch you. But that was the point, seeing Chan lop around was freaking hilarious.
Baekhyun: Baekhyun would turn into a puppy every time you ran up to give him a hearty hug. The way you would wriggle out of his grasp before he could grab onto you firmly always made him laugh. Baekhyun would wag his finger at you while calling out, Ah Jagi, youre such a tease!
D.O: Squishball. We all know that Kyungsoo would turn in Squishysoo the minute you ran up to hug him. Every time he felt your tiny body hugging his equally tiny body made that penguin smile spread across Kyungsoos face.
Tao: Honestly you need to stop randomly hugging Tao because its all going to his head. At first it made Tao all giggly and want to snuggle with you, but after a while Tao became more of a diva then he already is. Anytime you try to hug him now Tao would just look at you offended. Sorry Jagi, this is off limits.
Kai: I think Kai would just be really happy every time you hugged him when you felt like it. I mean Kai is a pretty simple guy so having you hug him throughout the day made his life so much better. And it was worked out because he got to hug you back.
Sehun: I know that we say Sehun is sassy all the time but I think if you randomly hugged him all the time he would become an embarrassed noodle. Anytime you tackled Sehun into a bear hug and gave him a quick peck on his cheek, he would instantly tense up. Sehun enjoyed it, but he wish you would stop doing it in front of the other members because of their teasing him.
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