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And I'm back with another game this time from the lovely @koinii, who I'd like to thank for making this game. Again I'll tag just a few people: @SharayahTodd @stevieq @twistedPuppy
I got a Kookie as a boyfriend ^^ I'd think he'd be a sweet boyfriend to have so I'm happy.
Welp, happiness doesn't last forever. I'm sorry Kookie, Joonie just tempted me too much. >~<
Well this makes sense, no wonder I cheated. I was just too drunk out of my mind to know what was going on.
Is it just me or does anyone else think that Yoongi would be the best at comforting someone. Like we would honestly just cuddle eating ice cream, and then he'd just tell me what I needed to hear: to get off my lazy ass and do something with my life.
See!!! I always end up marrying either Namjoon or Jin. Well today must've been Jin's day cause I got him twice in two different games.
Well that's kind of awkward....O_O Maybe after comforting me we did some things and the next thing I know I'm in a relationship with Jin and having Yoongi's kid. Well that'll be a fun story to tell my child.
Oooh, a girl. I think I'll name her Ryan and tell her boys are too much trouble to be involved with. I mean look at what happened to me.
Here's the link if anyone wants to play:
I'll post a link, just give me a second.
lol what omo your made me laugh i wanna take it too