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So I was sifting through the dark corners of the Internet today when I discovered this majestic video. YouTuber SeikinTV just took one for the team and did something beyond our wildest childhood dreams:

He took a bath in a tub full of rainbow water beads.

Like, he sprinkled them in there.

Actually, more like DUMPED them in there.

And then, when there was literally little to no room left in the tub...


If you want to watch this short yet strangely satisfying video yourself (which you'll want to because this is too bizarre to pass up), check out the full clip above!
And then let me know:

What random thing would YOU be down to fill your tub with?

Ladies better not attempt that, as awesome as it looks. That's a epic yeast infection waiting to happen. 馃槺
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M&Ms, Skittles, Sprinkles, and Marshmallows!
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I wonder what the cleanup was like
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Part of me is like "this is so wasteful" but part of me is also like, "I want to go to there."
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Lololol he should like.. donate some to kids. Kids that need some. Kids that want some.. I'm too poor to buy a mega box full of gummies.. ;-;
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