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@Kpossible4250 My fave food is anything like i cant decide My fave kpop song is probably either Dope by Bts or Lie by Bigbang. My fave animal is the wolf. The wolf is a fascinating creature plus theyre pretty. Thank you for asking!
@MrsJungHoseok lol that my turn off too if they don't keep good hygiene
@twistedPuppy OMG!! Yes! It's not cute XD
@MrsJungHoseok for real like ew what don't you shower or wear deodorant and ew no I won't kiss you if you didn't brush your teeth nasty
@twistedPuppy Ikr!!! It's so gross it makes me gag!! Especially if I like a cute guy but his breath smells then just no byebye I dont like you