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You stare in stunned silence as a very real, very male, very much already in bed Junho stares back at you from Skype. Holy crap! What had you been saying to him when you thought it was the PA’s? Your hand covers your face in humiliation. You hear him start to laugh; you peek through your fingers at your phone, yep still there. “You did not block, good. You do not look bad, uncover your face.” You roll your eyes, don’t look BAD, nope you probably look obscene! All you had done to prepare to sleep was brush your teeth and take out your contacts. You were pretty sure your hair was standing on end and that your mascara was now making you a raccoon twin. You clear your throat and move your hand, “Um, you had questions for me?” “Yes, when on site tomorrow, you?” “Uhh….” You grab the call sheet and squint at it, “All crew will be there by 6 am, it is a later call day.” “And us?” You look confused, did he misplace his call sheet? No, he couldn’t have, he said that’s how he got your number. “7:30, did you lose your call sheet? Would you like me to take a picture of mine and text it to you?” He leans over and holds up his own call sheet with a big smile, “No, mine is here.” He is hurting your head, making no sense at all. “Okaaayy, well if there isn’t anything else I could really use some sleep.” “Sorry for waking; thank you for answers and oh?” “Hmm?” you pause before signing off your account. He is devilishly handsome as he leans in close to his phone as if telling you a secret, “Add my name and picture to my number.” He grins, winks, waves and is gone. Your alarm goes off at 5 am. Today you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck. A very large, very heavy, MACK truck. Your contacts refuse to go near your eyes, everything you pick up you seem to drop. Oh it is going to be a lovely fun day, you can just tell. You arrive on site promptly at 6 am and head to your station. You grab your clipboard, your ‘extras’ tool belt and head off to find the caterers. As you are in process of placing the morning orders, an employee from the other side of the truck walks up and hands you a coffee. “Who’s this for?” you stammer in confusion. They smile and point at you. You don’t remember ordering your coffee, totally possible you did and forgot. The employee points over their shoulder, “Compliments of him.” You step back to look around the caterer and find none other than Junho, dressed, pressed, and looking more awake than anyone deserved to be. You hold your coffee up, nod to him your thanks and turn back to finish up the order. As each crew member arrives to grab their coffee, the director notices Junho’s early arrival and takes him off to chat. You have no idea what Junho is up to, hopefully the coffee will help wake your brain up. You remove the lid, blow off the steam and tentatively take a swallow. Your eyes close on their own as a moan escapes you. Damn that’s good stuff, what kind is it? A voice whispers in your ear “What other sounds do you make?” Your eyes fly open as you move your arm with the coffee out so you don’t spill it as you flip your head around. Chocolate brown eyes are laughing down at your expression, “What? Any man within earshot thought the same thing.” You close your eyes as the heat rises. The director yells for you across the room, you snap the lid back on your coffee, give Junho a ‘you’re unbelievable’ head shake and head over to start work. Today you think will be an easier shoot day, minimal costume changes as they are redoing Go Crazy, and Hands Up. The set is actually used double as they just have to add a disco ball, bar, and a million extras to go from one video to the other. It was REALLY hard to not dance along, but to actually stick to your job. You may have been mouthing the lyrics here and there when you didn’t think anyone was looking or you had your head turned. The shoot, while seeming longer because of less to do, actually went a lot faster than the day before. Before you knew it, the director called lunch and people began dispersing. Lunch was only 30 minutes for you before the extras started arriving and you were needed to be on hand to help out the PA’s. Ear buds in, feet up on the chair in front of you, you are munching away on a sandwich when you sense someone behind you. You casually turn your head to look over your shoulder and jump so hard that you fall off your folding chair. Your phone clatters to the floor next to you, and your rear end is smarting painfully. You glare up at Junho as he reaches down to help you up, “You have GOT to stop doing that,” you growl at him. He actually looks sorry this time as he pulls you to your feet. He begins dusting you off until you realize where he is dusting you off. You smack his hands away, turn and step forward as you tell him you have it covered. He doesn’t look quite so repentant at the moment, but simply puts his hands in his pockets and smiles. “Fun. Your reactions, so fun,” he states which earns him another glare. He tips your chin up so that your glare is more visible, “see?” Now your reaction is a very large eye roll. “Are you guys needing something?” you ask, wondering why he is over in your corner again. “For you to join us for lunch?” You smile, hold up your sandwich, “Thanks, but can’t today. I have to help, with when the extras arrive,” you glance down at your watch, “10 minutes.” You bend over to pick up your phone and check it for damage. He grabs it out of your hand, quickly scans it, smiles and hands it back as he walks away, “Just checking.”
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