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I found this little beauty here on Vingle... In case you didn't know, this is BTS' V.
This just goes to show you that Kstars can look like anime characters. Especially with the different color hair. I like anime and Kpop, so I realized how closely related anime and Kpop is, in terms of style.
If you are part of the Anime community, Kpop stars are like the real versions of anime characters, but they don't have any special power (other than killing you with feels). For Kpop community people, anime characters are the leveled up versions of your favorites. Being part of both is great because you notice things like this. The common things about both: Probs can't legally marry Can fangirl over them Waiting for release of new episode/comeback Weirdos That one character/person (you know what I mean) *Internally screaming over fave character/bias* Better looking than you (half the time)
But then we also have BTS' Suga and SHINee's Jonghyun cosplaying as Naruto.
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imma find em n make em marry me!!
taehyuuuuungie!!! he really could pull off kaneki....and between the narutos I think jonghyun is a better naruto v.v
I got a sugaruto phone case
yoonruto wore it better sorry bling