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Namjoon and I had been dating about 2 weeks when he had to leave to go on tour. I was obviously fine with it I mean that is his job, I knew it was gonna happen eventually so I was prepared. We still kept in contact with each other everyday. Although it was hard for us both to be on at the same time. So snaps and texts were sent whenever we could. One week I could tell I was starting to get sick and I tried my best to avoid it by taking more vitamins and drink lots of water. But by the end of the week I was completely sick. Thankfully I had the weekend off so the first day I laid on the couch watching Tv. I only got up for the bathroom and food. I would randomly fall asleep. So when I got a text from namjoon I was able to respond right away. Namjoonie: Hey babe how are you? Me: I'm ok...just being sick on the couch Namjoonie: What!!!! Me: Yea couldn't fight it off. Namjoonie: Are you having soup? Me: Yes and I'm drinking lots of water. Namjoonie: That's it I'm coming to you. Me: Namjooooooniieeee you can't your on tour. Namjoonie: (y/n) I don't care I want to take care of you. Me: Next time ok? Namjoone: That's not can't get sick again! Me: It's something that happens. Namjoonie: Hey I gotta go I'll text you later. Me: Alright I love you! Namjoon: I love you too!!! Feel better. After I finished texting I closed my eyes and was out. When I woke up again it was dark out. Man I wish I wasn't feeling like crap. I decided to get up and make myself some food and sit at the table. I finished my food but felt dizzy. This was something I never experienced. I quickly sat down on the couch and waited for the spell to pass. After several minutes I felt better. I really didn't know what to do so I pulled out my phone and started checking BTS updates. Fans could keep me updated at there concerts and that was a nice thing. I scrolled through a few things until something popped up on my feed. I clicked on it.


Hmm namjoon didn't say anything about this. I quickly sent a text. Me: Are you guys ok? I hear you're taking a break? They had only been on tour for a month why were they taking a break all of a sudden? I sat there staring at my phone hoping he'd text me, but I knew he was doing a concert so I wouldnt receive a text for a long time. I needed to occupy myself. I pulled up drama fever and decided I'd catch up on one of the dramas I had been watching. After 2 episodes my phone dinged. I quickly pulled it out and pulled open the message. Namjoonie: Hey how are you feeling? Me: I'm what's going on? Namjoonie: Nothing just going to be doing a photoshoot for a few days. Me: Oh that's why....ok I was worried Namjoonie: Aww babe can i call you? I wanna hear your cute voice? Me: Yes please....but I sound horrible. The next hour or so we just talked about anything and everything. It was so nice hearing his voice after so long. It was a blessing in disguise me getting sick otherwise I would have had to wait longer to hear his beautiful voice. "Alright baby girl I'm going to go to bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow ok?" "Alright bye!" After that I fell asleep real quick. It was such a nice feeling. Even not seeing him and hearing his voice gave me butterflies and him calling me baby drove me nuts. He could call me that forever and I'd never get sick of it. "(Y/n)" "Go away....i want sleep" I mumbled "(Y/n) I made you some need to wake up." Wait that way! I opened my eyes. "NAMJOONIE!?!?!?!" Was I dreaming? I rubbed my eyes. "Hi baby girl...come eat....or should I feed know what." He sat next to me on the floor. "I'll feed you." I was completely shocked. Why was he here? I sat up a little and I ate what he was giving me and just stared at his smiling face. "I know you wonder why I'm here?" I nodded since my mouth was full. "Well after I found out you were sick I asked if we could pause the tour. Well they all wanted to know why. When I explained it the guys had my back and said it be a smart idea so we can all be refreshed for the rest of the tour since it's going to be a few more months. So after some begging we got 3 days off. But Noone knows why. We just keep saying it's for a photoshoot so fans don't think we're sick." "Namjoonie you didn't need to do this." "Yes I did. I felt horrible you were alone and sick.... now if you get sick again while I'm not here I'll be mad. Ok." "Ok" I nodded and took another bite. I quickly chewed the food. "How did you make this it's really good?" "Jins in the kitchen." "Hi (y/n)" Jin said right on cue. I started laughing. "Ok that makes sense. It's really good." I took a finally bite and then turned towards the kitchen. "Thanks Jin Oppa it was really good." "Hey you don't call me Oppa" Namjoonie said "That's because your my you want me to call you Oppa?" "It be nice to hear it from you." "Ok..Oppaaaa." "GOD that's too cute." He pressed his lips to mine. I pushed him off. "Don't. You'll get sick." "I don't care..." He started to lean in again. "Well I do." I pulled the blanket over my lips and he kissed my nose then. "You're mean I haven't seen you in weeks and you won't let me kiss you." "I can take time off and not really disappoint anyone while you have alot of people that would be upset if you got sick and couldn't preform." "Fine." He pouted and picked my legs up so he could sit on the couch then placed my legs over him. "We'll do this for a while ok?" "Ok oppa!" I smiled and so did he. "Alright I'm gonna leave when you are ready for lunch I'll bring it over. Namjoon don't even try to make anything." I laughed "Thanks Jin Oppa." "You're welcome get better (y/n)" Jin walked out the door. "Can we cuddle? At least? Please! I missed you so darn much." Namjoonie gave me this adorable puppy dog look. "Ok ok you win!" We situated ourselves and I had my head on his chest. I was facing him and could smell his cologne. He smelled so amazing. It felt really nice having someone I loved care about me. He had his arm around me just lightly rubbing my back and I just had my hand dropped over is side. I'd randomly grip his shirt and pull myself closer to him. When I had to cough I pulled a part of my blanket over my mouth and cough into it. Eventually I had fallen asleep. When I woke up Namjoon was still there so I knew it wasn't a dream. I smiled and nuzzled my face into his chest. "Are you hungry?" I looked up at him. " Alittle." He pulled out his phone. Sent a message and put it away. "Ok Jin will be over with the food soon." He kissed my forehead. "Namjoonie....I've never felt this happy in my life! You make me feel truly loved....and I never want to lose you." "You make me happy too. I always thought I'd never find someone I could love with all my heart....then you came along. I love you so much." "I am going to be loving you forever. I believe that we were meant for each other. It was fate." I sat up and kissed his cheek. " I'd kiss your lips but I'm not risking getting you sick." I smiled and got off the couch. "Where are you going?" He asked quickly getting up too. "The bathroom." I laughed and walked to the bathroom. As I was walking I started getting dizzy again. I grabbed the wall. "(Y/n)?" I turned around "are you ok?" "Namjoo" that was the last thing I remebered.


What the hell was that noise? It was annoying. I slowly opened my eyes. White ceiling....ok I turned to the beeping noise...a monitor...was I in the hospital? Panic set in. I quickly sat up and looked around the room. No one was in here. What happened? I started coughing again. I quickly grabbed for some water that was on the table next to the bed. The last thing I remebered I was going to go t ok the bathroom and then I got dizzy and I was gonna tell namjoon that I felt dizzy but nothing came out. That's all....why am I hear. The door opened and Namjoon walked in. I smiled. He didn't look happy at all. "Namjoonie." I got up and went to hug him. "Namjoon you realize we can't push back the tour more than we already have." Jin said walking behind him. "I don't care I can't just leave if (y/n) is like this." "Namjoon we know you love her but think of our fans?" Suga said. "Guys I'm right here...why would you need to push it back because of me?" "Hyung they only said she's got Pneumonia she'll be alright." V said "Then why hasn't she waken up yet?" Namjoon said tears falling down his face. What the hell is he talking about I'm right here. "Namjoonie.....I'm awake and I'm here." "It's just because she was pushing herself while she was sick. They said it happens sometimes. She'll wake up." J-HOPE said. "Well I want to be here when she wakes up." I was lost. Why couldn't they see me? I turned around and realized why. My body was there on the hospital bed. I wasn't in it I was having one of those out of body experiences. "Namjoon..." "No. You don't get it! I will be here when she wakes up...if I have to do a concert fine but I will be coming back here after each concert till she wakes up." This sucked! Just over having pneumonia I'm putting so much stress on him. I tried to get myself to wake up. You know seeing those shows were I just lay back on myself and boom. That doesn't work. I'm just trapped like this....
Uh oh....I lied there still some chapters to come....I mean unless you are all ok with this being the ending????? Ok so this is what happened I was gonna write one more chapter then the epilogue buuuut halfway through the chapter I can't remember what song came on(it was a kpop song) but then I wrote the last half. Then I was like mwahahah I shouldn't say anything bout this being the last chapter or more chapters to come to torture everyone....then I was like no that's too mean to my amazing readers....why torture them more than I already please don't hate me for this update....
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Hell no i'm not okay with this ending
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Keke you know adding to the trapped theme.:)
omo!!😱 poor namjoon😞 I hope she lives and doesn't leave namjoon!! tag me in the next story
please continue don't stop right there..I want to know what's happening next.
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