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I love the articles from Soompi and this one caught my eye. 18 idols who debuted at a young age. I. the article hen went from 1 to 18. I'm going to start with 18 and make my way to 1.
18-15 18 Wonder Girls Sohee 17 4MINUTE Sohyun 16 TVXQ Changmin 15 f(x) Krystal
14-10 13-14 TWICE Chaeyyoung & Tzuyu 12 IU 11 Taemin 10 Kang Ji Young
9-6 9 Girls Generation Seohyun 7-8 Suhyun & Chanhyuk 6 B.A.P Zero 5 miss A Suzy
4-1 4 2NE1 Minzy 3 BoA 2 BTS Jungkook 1 BIGBANG Seungri
All of these idols some have grown up before we know what kpop was and those who grew up in front of eyes. Either the all have grown up to being the best and who they are today. I guess you can say that is why we love them so much. here is the link and I apologize for the Screenshot images. Some of the description was cut off. If you want to read the article for more clink on the link. if there were some idols that were left out comment below and let me know.
I know one already and that is B2ST Dongwon. He debuted before he graduated high school while the other members were done and working hard every day to debut. Now he has grown into a young man and has done a lot to who we know today.
@KDluvR1999 i thought that they were going to save him for a new group ahhhhhh
@KDluvR1999 is he actually going to join seventeen?!?!?!?!?
I can't believe how young these babies are! And to think of how much pressure we put on them to say and do the right things. I did plenty of stupid things at that age, but I didnt have the world watching my every move :/
@kpopandkimchi I don't know, I haven't heard that news, even if he was being saved for a new group he's still so tiny and young
What about Samuel? The new (soon to be?) member of seventeen? I think he's about 13 or 14.
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