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Genre: Supernatural, fluff, romance, angst, dirty jokes(lots), and possible smut in future chapters Namjoon : A 19 year old highschool student who developed the ability to see ghost after a accident that took his mom's life. With this ability Namjoon has helped his detective father with many cases by helping those who got murdered or died unjustly with their grudge. Strangely, his father has ran into some trouble that has put them both in trouble. Now, Namjoon is forced to go live in Busan to hide as Seojoon in his new school's dormitory.
Jackson: A lively (Hehe) ghost who's been dead for 4 years . He necessarily didn't know how he ended up that way nor have he questioned it. The only things he knew was his name ,the age he was before he died, and that he was a student at Busan's seongnam highschool. The life of the ghost was getting boring for him since no one could see him or give him any attention. Even if they did they acted as if they didn't so he didn't bother. Each time he tried to befriend anyone they would just run off. " I'm not a bad guy. C'mon ! I'm just bored "
What do you want? " " Woah! You can see me!? " " Yes, I can see you. Now what do want , ghost? you've been following me around since yesterday!" " No no mister human. I am not 'ghost' I am Jackson. " From that day on Namjoon wished he never acknowledged that annoying ghost . . What they both didn't know is that the heavens has put them together for a reason. What did the heavens actually have up their sleeves ? " What do you want 'Jackson' ?" " What I want?" " Yes, you must be following me for a reason. What is your grudge? " " Grudge?" " Ugh! Yes, a grudge. Ghost tend to follow a human they know can see them so they can help them rest in peace. Now, what is it?" " I'm just bored. " " Eh!?"
Hey guys!!! I'm here with a new fanfic about a ghost Jackson and Namjoon. This story is gonna be squishy and cute but I have a feeling i might be pulling some heart strings a bit later. I know the description is pretty bad but I swear the story will be totally better XD I have so much in mind with this story that I didn't know what to put as the description and plus I did promise to at least upload something on the weekend so it's kind of last minute. I've been a little sick lately so I haven't done anything so I at least wanted to give you guys something. The first chapter might be up later tonight or sometime this week. Then I'll get back on track with uploading on the weekend. So look out for me my children.
Oh and Namjoon's dad is Cha Seong Won. .... I was thinking of a sexy ahjussi and he came to mind. So yea XD
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