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Almost a year ago, we had a really awesome event called Fantasy Kpop!

(check it out here) We each created our ideal idol group and voted to see who was the best!

This year, instead of voting for each other's favorites, why don't we just celebrate EVERYONE!

Each week in March will be divided into a different category where we make cards and chat about our favorite idols^^

Here's the layout:

March 1 - March 6

Dancer Week

Celebrate your favorite dancers, dance performances, dance practices, and of course, T.O.P, for Dancer's Week!
Examples of dancers to show love to: Jimin, Taemin, Min, Mark, Kai!

March 7 - March 13

Vocals Week

Show off your favorite vocalists, MR removed performances, acoustic versions or covers, etc, for Vocals Week!
Examples of vocals to show love to: Ken, Taeyeon, Kyuhyun, Sandeul, Ailee!

March 14 - March 20

Leaders Week

It is time to celebrate the leaders of your favorite groups for being the awesome people that they are! Talk about your favorite leader moments for Leaders Week!
Examples of leaders to show love to: Suho, Hakyeon, Rap Monster, Youngguk!

March 21 - March 27

4D Week

This week is all about the crazy members that always keep you on your toes. They're talented, funny, a little insane, and definitely adorable. Share your favorite members and moments for 4D Week!
Examples of 4D members to show love to: V, Jackson, Chanyeol, Hani, Hyuna!

March 28 - March 31

Rapper Week

It's time to talk about diss tracks, mix tapes, rap collaborations, and more for Rapper Week!
Examples of rappers to show love to: Ravi, Zico, Mino, LE, CL!

Let me know if you're interested or if you have any suggestions!

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@kpopandkimchi okay thank you!
How about a maknae week? We can celebrate all our favorite makneas!!! Like Kookie or Yugeom!!
@TaehyungV Oh, and I'm in! For the rest at least.
i wanna try @kpopandkimchi
i want to try it!