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A relationship is something serious. You can't just jump into something and expect it to go perfect. Nothing is ever perfect and not everything will go right or according to plan but you to get threw it and make it work. How much you really know a person plays a key factor in a relationship. The memorize you build with that person also play a part in a relationship. How much love/care you show a person usually determines alot as well. Everyone is looking for love and yes I know it sucks being alone at night. No one to send cute messeges to or say goodnight to on dates I understand. Relationships are ment to be built how can you find a relationship of you don't take the time out to build one first.
there's a past for both sides but did you take the time out to get to know Him/her. Most people don't get to know the person there dating anymore alot of the times they just jump into a relationship with out thinking because the other person is cute in there eyes. Pain can be caused mentally physically & emotionally for example heartbreak. Heartbreak effects people many different ways and forces it to be hard to find the one person you wanna be with. By getting to know someone does it becomes easier to form a relationship?
I think so!! this even works for friendships too!! the more and more I get to know about the person, the more you understand the way they work. I think some of the best relationships I've had, I didn't understand the person at first and wanted to get to know them better
are you in a relationship currently if so how is it