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Former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, called Donald Trump out. Not a surprise, as Trump is getting on a lot of people's nerves.
"I think his logic of exalting white supremacy isn't even acting against immigration — Donald Trump is the descendant of migrants — it is acting and speaking against immigrants who have a different skin color than him, which is frankly racist and is a bit like the exploitation of raw nerves that Hitler did in his day."
The comments made by Calderon were made after a meeting of the National Action Party (PAN), in Mexico City. He also mentioned how Trump is creating hate with his discourse.

Do you think that Donald Trump is our modern day Hitler?

I believe I've compared him to Hitler at least 10 times on this website lol.
Well, the man did keep of book of Hitler's speeches in his nightstand. I think he's full of shit. A small part of me is willing to take a chance of him being elected, because I am positive that once in office he will disappoint all of his supporters. I guarantee that he would do a 180 on a lot of the things that he's getting people all riled up over.
Without a doubt. I would say he's both Hitler and Bonaparte.
A friend of mine made a performance art piece a month ago, asking the audience whether a quote was from Trump or Hitler. The first few were easy but after 5 or 6 people honestly didn't know the answer. To be fair, it's not like a lot of people go around quoting Hitler (thankfully!) but it was uncomfortable
I think the comparation is a little starched out. But just a little. I used to admire Trump, until I realized what an egomaniac he is.
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