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Pickles are one of those foods that everyone seems to have a strong opinion about. Whether they're the sweet butter chips or the briny kosher dill, people either really, really love them or really, really hate them.
In this case, it seems reporters at Japan's RocketNews24 really, really love pickles - so much so that they convinced a local Burger King to make them a classic Whopper with 9,000 yen (approximately $75 - 80 USD) worth of pickles.
Pickle fans, grab some tissues. In the indispensable words of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, your eyes are about to piss tears.
The final result was an expertly crafted burger weighing nearly 1.7 kilos. (That's nearly four pounds - most of which was pickle!)
In fact, the burger was SO big that, instead of being able to wrap it traditionally, employees taped together several wrappers to cover it all!

And it STILL ripped!

The staff ultimately decided that the burger was much too large for one person to eat, so basically, one person ate a Whopper and everyone else ate the more than 700 pickle slices stacked on top.
When asked if dropping $80 on a pickle-stacked Whopper was worth it, the news agency expressed no regrets:

"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing to a ridiculous and dangerous extreme."

So how do you guys feel about pickles? Do you dare pickle this hard?

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This is so funny. I'm the weird one... I love pickles by themselves. But I take them off of burgers. Just not a fan of pickles on burgers.
...but... but... 2 jars of pickles... only $8
that is a lot of pickles....
I do really love pickles, but jesus, not this much
wtf is wrong with people
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