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one shot 2pm
I'm walking towards the recording studio, whistling happily to his song, Go Crazy. This isn't the first time I come here, since I'm his manager's younger sister. I'm bringing him this new cell phone case with an inspiring quote to never give up when facing ridicule. I put alot of effort in dressing up nice, since its 9pm, I was hoping he would love the gift; so much as to ask me out to dinner. I'm wearing for the first time a black lacy mini skirt and a burgundy low cut shirt that helps my bust look bigger than it does and 2in high heels. I chose to put smoky eyes and dark burgundy matte lip stick. I stop in front of the door and take a deep breath, I push my hair to my left side letting it hang over my breast, reaching my waist. I open the door, the room is dimly lit but I can tell where Jun.K is. His face illuminated by the computer screen and I think I see Junho leaning next to him pointing out a flaw in the computer. "Hey, guys!" I said. Junho looks up and does a double take. He rights himself up and turns to me and grabs me for a hug. "Wow, look at you. You look so grown up. You got a hot date tonight?" I glance over to Jun.K and I see his body turned towards me sitting in his chair, just giving me an intense stare. I gulped and looked at Junho to say, "Umm...maybe...hehehe. Um, I got this for you Jun.K. I saw this and immediately thought of you." I started to walk over to him and my ankle gave in and I was teetering, until I felt strong hands grab my waist to steady me. My eyes connected to Junho, then to Jun.K. I smiled meekly. I go forward once again and he looks at the present and back up at me. "I don't want it." What? "Is it not the right case for your phone cuz I can switch it out?" His stare doesn't relent and he reiterates, "I don't want it, I don't need it. I don't want you to come bother me here, especially when we're working. Look, I know you are my manager's little sister but doesn't mean you can do whatever you like. Give it to someone else, like maybe your boyfriend or whatever." I just blinked a few times, trying to hold back the hot tears that were threatening to come out. How dare he, who does he think he is to say that so bluntly and in front of Junho. Indignation and pride rose over me. "Fine, you don't want it," I turn to Junho and step in front of him. "This is for you, I hope you appreciate it better than him." His smiley eyes go wide and he nods and says thanks. I look at Jun.K, I put my hand in Junho's cheek and I press a kiss to his other cheek. " Don't work too hard." I turn from them and walk to the door and through it, close the door and lean against it. What was I thinking falling for him?He was probably only nice to me, the many other times we've met, because I'm his manager's sister. I push myself off the door and start walking to the elevator. I'm so mad that I don't notice someone behind me. I was yanked by my arm backwards and pushed against the wall. I hit the wall so hard, I lost my breath and closed my eyes as my back hit the wall. I felt a solid wall of muscles pressed up against me and a hot breath fanning my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw...
.... Jun.k's angry expression. "What the hell, Jun.k?" I put my hands on his chest and try to push him off but he won't budge. He wedged his leg between my legs, causing my skirt to rise up. I start pulling it down when he grabs my wrists and pin it above my head. I glare at him and I feel humiliated because although he rejected me, I'm loving the way his body is pressed up against mine. "Who do you think you are, dollface? You can't just dress this way and say that you have a date with another man and bring me a gift." I stared at him in disbelief. "What other man?" He scoffed and came really close to my ear and whispered, "The one you dressed up for." "If you hadn't been so callous and a jerk to me, we would be on a date, but since you treated me like that I'm rethinking about my affection for you." I start to pull at my wrists, which he lifted up even higher making my back arch and my chest stick out more. He kissed my ear and pressed his body to mine until there was no gap in between us. "I won't let you rethink it." He started to kiss my ear, trailing butterfly kisses on my jawline and he hovered over my mouth. He looked into my eyes and said, "You're not allowed to even think about another guy when you're with me, got it?" I don't really think about anyone but him, I nod my head. "Say, you understand, dollface." He kissed my neck, my collarbone, leaving love bites all over. He stops, looks at me, waiting. Oh, I forgot. "Yes, I understand not to think about anyone when I'm with you." He smiles a wicked delicious smile and attacks my lips. I gasped and he took that opportunity to mingle his tongue with mine. His spare hand started to travel up my leg to my thigh, underneath my skirt, grabbing a firm hold on my butt. He let go of my wrist and grabbed the back of my head and angled it so he has better access. My arms went around his neck and I pressed my body closer to his. I felt something hard against my lower belly. I timidly lower my hand between our bodies and lay it over his firm member. He moaned in my neck and his hands went to my butt and lifted me off the floor and I wrapped my legs around his hips. My hands reach up to his buttoned down shirt and start to unbutton his shirt, when we heard someone cough. I grabbed onto Jun.K's shoulder when he let me go and turned his back to the stranger and let me cover my face in his chest, while I pulled down my skirt. "So, this is what took you so long in the bathroom. You should show some decency at the workplace, Jun.k. " Junho chuckles. "Shut up, Junho. If anyone is looking for me tell them that something important came up," He looks down at me, seeing my puffy lips and flushed face, "something that needs my undivided attention." He grabs my shoulders turns me around and makes me walk in front of him. "Bye, (y/n)." Junho says. "Bye, Jun..." I couldn't finish my sentence because Jun.K shoved his hand down the front of my shirt. "Don't even talk to that guy, especially him. Got it?" I whispered "Yes." That night and the rest of my life, had been with the one man I love, Jun.K.
*********************************************************** I also didn't plan this, I was trying to sleep when this popped in my head.
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