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kyaaaa it's Shiro-channnn 😍😍😍
@AtisutoMeru well I didn't read it wrong, I guess I miss heard. I was always seeing trailers and my sister was always saying she wanted to see the movie. So I guessed it was just a movie.
@dimplequeen I keep feeling like we're misunderstanding each other still. lolz
@dimplequeen just 2 clear things up 2 make sure we understand each other... When I was talking about it not being scary or anything, I was talking about FMA. FMA is what I was saying isn't scary. & by "the boy next door", I was saying that I need 2 get that boy who lives next door 2 me 2 watch FMA Brotherhood with me so that I won't abandon it 4 something else.
have you guys seen the bleach movies? especially #2?