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Disclaimer/ Reminder: Please read the prologue! I love BTS, I'm using Taehyung as the bad guy but please don't take this seriously!! Please and thank you for reading!! ___________________________________ 'On your mark' 5 wolfs of different colours and sizes line up agaist the same line as Luhan begins to count down. 'Get set' Areum tenses up, she wouldn't lose this race, she couldn't lose this race. Her snapback collection was at stake. 'GO!' With a howl the 5 wolfs sprint into the forest, Areum controlled her breathing since that was key to keep running non stop. She need to conserve enough for the perfect opportunity. 'You cant beat me Areum' Luhan teases, Areum can sense he is two paces ahead of her, gritting her teeth angrily she pushes her legs harder, adrenaline running through her veins like burning fire. 'Watch what you say deer' She barks back as she finally makes it past him, to ignore further commentary from the pack she places a mental shield around her thoughts, as she sprints the final steps to the pit stop. The rest come into the clearling, Chen being the last one and Luhan being the second. 'Gurl you have gotten better!!' Tao praises as he walks up to her nuzzling her neck in a friendly manner as she responds with an affectionate purr. 'Hell yea! Someone finally beat Luhan's ass!' Xiumin cheers receiving a threatening growl from Luhan, he then turns and makes his way to Areum who is still being smothered by wolf hugs. He nods at her his eyes telling her he accepts his defeat. Just then a howl is heard from within the woods that sent all of the five wolfs sprinting to there cabin in the woods near a glistening river. At the front porch stood Kris the alpha with his mate as they waited for the guys to return. Once in view the guys retreated behind the trees to shift back, it was easier for them since all they needed to wear shorts which they carried around there legs. Areum on the other hand walked up to Kris's mate, Krystal as she nuzzles her hand affectionately. Krystal giggles pulling out a bag which Areum accepts gratefully in her mouth as she runs to a tree far from the boys. She took a deep breath thinking about her human body as she felt her bones crack. It wasn't as painful as it was before, she has come accustomed to the weird tingling feeling. After wearing her clothes she runs to te front porch of the cabin where everyone was already waiting from her. Lay walks out giving everyone his friendly smile. Areum watched Krystal with worried eyes, for about two weeks now Krystal has been smelling a bit...off. Since Kris never adressed the problem she began assuming she was probably messed in the head somehow, or her nose is t working? "Who won the race?" Kris asks with an amused smirk. Luhan looks down in defeat as Areum smiles wide jumping into the air "i won!!!!" Krystal claps jumping up and down as well. "Yea yea, good job now why did you call us for?" Luhan interrupts not liking the feel of defeat. Kris clears his throat as Krystal blushes a deep shade of red. "Its an announcement....Krystal is two weeks pregnant." The news is followed by slience, as realization sets in , he guys excluding Luhan, holler congratulations . Areum on the other hand lets out a cry. She rushing into Krystal's arms being mindful that there was a baby wolf inside of her fragile friend. As she scoops her up into a hug. "Im soo happy for you!" She mummers into her hair as Krystal giggles. "Thank you that means alot!" She nods, as they let go all eyes are drawn to Luhan who stood there frozen. Luhan had lost his mate forever, he wanted to get married and have kids with his love but all that was taken from him. So of course the news of this played a great toll on him. Areum felt her heart clench in pain, she never met Luhan's mate, but she knew how much he loved her, and that she was being selfish for loving him. For loving someone who would never love her. "Thats great news guys!" He says smiling, not a full out smile but a smile that really showed how happy he was for the couple. Kris beams at his brother's response pulling him in for a supprise hug. ~ At the same time somewhere else~ "Taehyung! What did i tell you about controlling youself!" Baekhyun snarls at the younger boy who dosent seem fazed. His yellow orbs graze over his Hyungs features noting how angry he was. "It wasn't my fault, she threw herself at me." He states standing his ground. "Do you have any idea where we stand? Huh? You bite a human and the treaty is gone! It will be war!" Taehyung rolls his eyes, this wasn't the first time he was being lectured by his Hyung for almost biting a himan. "Hyung, she literally said 'bite me' what else could i do?" He says wanting to lighten up the atmosphere which to his distaste didn't work. Baekhyun's eyebrows twitches as his bright blue eyes turn red indicating he was furious at this point. Suho walks in her powerful aura filling the entire mansion. At the overwhelming feeling Taehyung slumps against the wall in fear. Sure Taehyung was a sadist, loving the pain inflicted on others and seeing the fear in their eyes. He hated showing his own fear due to pride and what not. But not in a million years would he go against a pure blood. Sure they were all pure bloods living in the mansion, but he was the direct son, he was the prince. Suho. Suho stalks his way to the duo, Baekhyun nods at his presence steping aside. "Again??" He asks barley audible, Taehyung stays silent not replying. "AGAIN TAEHYUNG?" Suho roars. The chandelier above them shook due to the power and strength in his voice. Instead of whimpering a reply back as usual, Taehyung glared at the Hyung. He had had enough, he had had enough of trying to be a good vampire, trying to follow a treaty created by thoose filthy mutts. And he has had enough of suho's demands that he had to follow. And most of all, he hated how they had to blend in, how they had to act...human. "Yea, i did and i will keep on doing it cuz that's what we are! We are monsters who feed off of human blood! And you if you are depriving me of such things, this this is the the last starw!" He growls, Baekhyun stands in front of Suho in a protective manner. He had to protect the prince, even if it meant he would have to turn on his own brother. Due to all the ruckus Kai teleports into the room watching the scene unfold. "Leave." Suho simpliy says. Before Taehyung can launch himself at the leader Chanyeol appears and grips onto his hands slightly burning him. Taehyung lets out a hiss and pulls his hands away. Baring his fangs he dahes out of the door leaving the rest. "Baekhyun you should go after him just in case he crosses the line" D.O says walking down from the stairs. Baekhyun scoffs. "I dont care! He went against us and what we believe in! He is not apart of us." He growls walking to his room. Kai lets out a sigh "brothers huh?" ~Back to the wolfs~ Today it was Areum's turn to patrol. Today though was a bit different, she was on high alert since they are expecting a child. Every precaution has been taken for her safety. But that being said they were down on patrol today. Lay and his mate were out on a date, Tao was at bar picking up chicks with Xiumin and Chen and his mate were off to meet her parents. And Kris was at the cabin snuggled up with his mate. Areum let out a sigh, she wanted to know how it felt to have a mate. To know you meant with someone. Sadly enough female wolfs cant find there mate for they have to wait until there mate chooses/ finds them. But that being said anyone can choose to be here mate! Areum began to feel bored when Luhan appears next to her nudging her side making her heart skip a beat. 'Hey! Stop shielding you self and talk to me !' Luhan thinks loudly. Yes Areum had her shelid up and yes the only reason for that was Luhan. She couldn't keep him out of her mind and the last thing she wants is him finding out he is madly in love with him. What did she ever do to fall for someone who has a mate? More to say had a mate? 'What do you want? Shouldn't you be patrolling the east quadrant?' She asks getting up and stretching her wolf body. 'I was bored! And i sensed you were bored too...so how about a round two?' He asks with a wolfy grin. Areum lets out a scoff. 'In your dreams!' 'Worred you will lose this time? 'As if! As a matter if fact i-' Areum stops in mid thought her nose catching a scent. Not just any scent, a vampire scent. And not just any vampire's scent...it was his scent. The very night three moths ago flashed through her brain, how she first shifted when he had pinned her to the ground really to kill. How in that instant another wolf and vampire appeared pulling him away from her. And the threats that haunted her till now. If it hadent been for Kris her alpha and Suho the vampire Prince she would have surley died. Not that she was greatful for the bloodsuckers help. It was Kris who found her, it was Kris who brought her back meeting all these new people who now mean the world to her. Her blood runs cold as she remembers his last words before he was taken away by suho. 'I'll get you, just like how i got her' A growl ripped through her lungs as she dashed to the treaty line where he was and crossing. Luhan's sense of smell was a bit late but once he caught on he let out a howl telling Kris to be in alert with his mate as he followed Areum hot on her tail. She was the first out of the two to come to the clearing, he stood there with a smirk seemingly happy she remembered him. A growl was heard as Luhan was steping closer to Areum in a protective manner. The guy smiles extending his hand. "The names Taehyung" he says not expecting a answer. It took every ounce of Areum's willpower not to prounce on him and kill him for everything he has done. Another part of her wanted him to suffer instead of dying. He chuckles and starts pacing around. "So, what was your name again? Hmm..." He taps his chin tauntingly as he pretend to think. "Areum was it? Ahh yes, it means beautiful correct?" He continues, Luhan stiffens unable to understand how he knows you, unable to understand what the hell is going on. "Well i gotta say you are quite beautiful " he says gazing into her eyes licking his lips lustfully. Areum felt sick to her stomach, scenes from the night he murderd her sister came flashing back. Sooyoung's screams, pleads and cries filled her ears making her visibly wince in pain taking a step back. Just looking at him brought back horrible memories. Luhan lets out a worried whimper watching Areum who looked like she was in deep pain. 'Areum talk to me!' Luhan screamed into her mind, she kept her shield bot wanting him to see what was causing her pain. Taehyung let a sickeningly grin crawl across his features, his eyes turned red. He had Areum exactly where he wanted. Everything was going to plan. "You know, its very weird how beautiful you look as a wolf too" he voices gaining there attention again. "So beautiful it makes me want to just...eat you up." He launches himself at Luhan grabbing ahold of his fur and griping his nails tightly into his flesh. Luhan's lets out a howl of pain. Areum snaps out of her fearful trance rushing to Luhan's aid. Just as she is about to take a bite of Taehyung, he swings Luhan to the nearest tree a sickly crack can be heard. Luhan lets out one last squeak before falling into a world of darkness. Areum crashes down to the floor assuming the worst. He had killed his sister and because of her he had been able to kill her love! Rage surges through her body as she launched herself at the surprised vampire instantly ripping his head out with a tearing sound. Dropping the head she lets out an emergency howl. No giving a second glance at Taehyung's body she rushes to Luhan's body nudging it. 'Luhan!!' ~Back to Exo-K~ Baekhyun falls to the floor clutching his chest where there used to be a beating heart before. "Beak? Bruh! Whats wrong?" Sehun rushes to his aid crouching down to the floor as Beakhyun gasps for air. "Somethings not right!!" He says in between gasps. Then realization hits him like a ton of breaks. "Taehyung!"
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