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i probably fell for the dimples and his sick dance moves.
Oh Jin. You probably seduced me with your cooking skills. I'm a sucker for a guy who can cook.
Well if he's my boyfriend than this makes sense.
Taehyung would always brighten my day. No matter how down I was, he'd be able to cheer me up.
Well luckily we were able to move past me cheating on him and now we're happily married. Namjoonie would be a wonderful husband
Well shit. Looks like Yoongi and I were gettin it on like donkey kong til the break of dawn. How am I gonna explain this to Namjoon?!
Phew. At least it's a girl. I think Yoongi and I would have pretty cute kids. His adorable face, my curly hair. A recipe for success
lol like donkey Kong lol
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Oh my! You're a busy woman!
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