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This is how I feel after I fail one of my college exams
Completely useless.... Like Yamcha Goddammit
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Did you really fail one?
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Not this semester, but I have just once due to the fact that I didn't choose to study lol @danidee
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I think the lowest I got on a midterm or final exam was something in the mid 60s. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But fortunately, it was a midterm, and I was able to swing a SUPER LOW A by the end of the semester by doing a crap ton of extra credit writing.
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I came close to failing a Criminal justice exam but I barely squeaked thru with a 72 C (D's are considered failures in my mind) if my teacher didn't even forgot to go in and edit my grades for some of the fill in the blank questions I got right I would've been pretty pissed lol @danidee
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Bahahaha, damn. That was close.
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