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I've already written about the upcoming anime "Pan de Peace!" but since there's a few new visuals, it's time to talk about it again :3

Cast includes:

Minami: Ibuki Kido
Yuu: Eri Yamazaki
Fuyumi: Moe Toyota
Noa: Nichika Omori

To reiterate some of the staff:

"Hatsuki Tsuji (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) helms the Asahi Production production with Momoko Murakami (Nurse Witch Komugi R) on series composition and Shizue Kaneko (If Her Flag Breaks) on character design. "

I'm ready share my love of bread with them!!

I'm pretty excited too. It looks cute. ^_^
omg bread I'm in!!! i hope it's not a harem tho XD
@alliepetey I thnk it's just....a lot of cute girls....with some yuri undertones tbh lol but nothing extreme from what I read!!!