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It's so good to see him on stage again. So handsome ^^
@chasinghapiness i do love him! i don't have cable or internet right now :-( so i watch everything on netflix...
@StephiiKins I can totally tell that you love him a lot ;) (I mean, who wouldn't, right?) He's on Barefoot friends the variety show right now so watch it if you miss him!
@chasinghapiness i want a new album too! i don't care what language it's in as long as i can hear his beautiful and amazing voice! of course i would love to have an englosh version so i know what he is saying, but either way is great! he has an amazing talent and im just glead that i can support him in it. weathwr it be singing or acting! i love him that much
I want a new album! I know he's coming out with a Japanese single but I want korean album -__-