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Am I the only one who can watch anime while doing practically anything?!

I've masted the art of eating while I watch anime.

I can watch dubbed episodes while I clean my house!!

And I can watch pretty much anything while I exercise~

Not only that, but I've masted the art of split screening my laptop in a way that I can watch anime, answer emails, and do other job-related stuff XD

Where do you all watch anime?

Your a pro. Problem for me is I can't watch dubbed anime. I must have subbed. So every little thing they say I can't miss, so therefore, I cannot exercise or work or split screen while watching anime. Trust me I've tried, and by the end of the day, I find myself finishing an anime instead of chores...😭😩😫life's hard
On my breaks at work, while I'm eating, while I'm drawing... heck, my mother was talking to me earlier and I was sitting there watching Dramatical Murder the whole time. XD
@tylor619cruz same! I try but then I miss most of the dialogue.
I watch anime at night before bed XD
@dimplequeen *all of fairy tail raises their glass*
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