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"Hey! No slacking off!" Chanyeol gruffly says walking into the kitchen, YeonHee nearly drops her phone startled by his sudden appearance. "Who are you texting!?" Baekhyun asks peering into her phone catching a glimpse of ______'s name. His face brightens, "tell ________ to come over!!" He pleads giving YeonHee his best puppy dog eyes. YeonHee nearly melts at the scene. "ahh i wish! She is working today" she replies getting back to sweeping the floor. "Oh! The shop! Darnit i wanted to spend some time with her" Kai whines sitting on the chair pouting ever so slightly. "Good morning" D.O mumbles making into the kitchen and making a a beeline for the coffee machine, "good morning ?! Hello its 3 o'clock!" Sehun points out. Today D.O had over slept, he had been haunted by nightmares all night unable to sleep. YeonHee noticed the sweat on his forehead and neck, beginning to worry she tells him to go take a soothing shower. "Im fine, i'll take one later" he takes a sip a coffee as his stiff figure relaxing a bit. "Where is Suho Hyung?" He asks scanning the kitchen. "Oh he went to get some groceries" Chanyeol replies grabbing a water bottle. ~Back with Suho~ Suho walked the streets avoiding any interaction with anyone afraid someone would recognize him through his disguise. He looks over the contents in the shopping bag and reads over the shopping list. 'Shit! I didnt get the drinks! What do i do now!' He looks around frantically, a store comes into view. He rushes inside to the coolers letting out a sigh of releif as he grabs the drinks He walks to the cashier, no one was there so he softy rang the bell. "Hurry! Someone is here! Attend to the customer!!!" Somewone orders followed by a whine "Umma! Its my break though!" "First attend to this customer! Then take an hour break ok!" After some rustling a pouting ________ walks out bowing. "Thank you for co-" she looks up meeting Suho's supprise stare. "Suho Hyung?" She questions walking to the cash smiling wide. "Hey _____" he greets with a warm smile, sliding the drinks as she scans them. "How are you! How is everyone else? YeonHee? How is she holding up?" ______ bombards with questions as he lets out an amused chuckle. "Im good, there all good" he payed with his black card. "Say ______ do you want to....uh go out for lunch with me? If you dont i comple-" ______ jumps up nodding vigorously "of course oppa! I have a break now!" She opens her apron and walks out the booth leading him out side after addressing to her mom she was leaving. "So where do you wanna go? My treat!" Suho says smiling wide under his mask. "Hmmm...any things fine oppa!" She replies "how about sushi? I love sushi!" He suggests as her eyes light up. "Sushi it is!" They walk a bit more and come to a sushi shop, the place was calm and comforting, after taking a booth a waiter comes and hands the menu, after ordering the drinks arrive. "So, you told us about your passion for music, how did that happen?" He asks starting conservation , _____ quietly sips on her drink. "Oh i dont know really how it started, just i was always interested! I guess people in my life had a great influence on music , because when words fail music speaks!" She says recalling the quote on Chanyeols wall. Suho nodded approvingly "ahh i see, thats wonderful! To know how passionate you are about music is very refreshing!" He comments as the food arrives. "Yea, you guys want to prusue as musicians right?" She Takes a bute of the heavenly delight. Suho mearly nods not wanting to elaborate anything in case he ends up messing it up . "________ how passionate are you about music?" He asks searching her face for any uncertainty. ________ brightens, her cheeks having a small tiny of red due to the stare. "Im very passoniate, I've seen how much commitment it takes and I'm will to do what ever it takes to reach my goal!" She says doing fist pump in the air followed by an enthusiastic 'fighting!' Suho chichles clearly amused by her adorableness . He now saw what everyone saw in her making him admire her more. He stared at her feeling the protectiveness over her tiny figure. He subconsciously reaches over and squeezes her hand making her squeak out in supprise. "U-uh...uh?" He blanks out realizing what he just did, he blushes 50 shades of red as he pulls his hand away. ______ smiles, she missed his warm hand but his embrassed face was a cute sight to see! The sad for a solid 30 minutes of talking and getting to know one another. "Check please" Suho says once he had realized ______ was done. They both walk out of the restaurant full and happy. There shoulders were touching sending electricity trough their arms. "This was nice subo hyung! Im sorry or boring you though!" _____ apologizes as Suho ruffles her hair messing it up a bit. "Hey what did i tell you! This was my treat! You your more interesting then you give yourself credit for!" He smiles warmly. _______ catches him of gaurd by hugging him tightly. "Thanks again! I have to get going but can you tell YeonHee i will be visiting sometime this afternoon? Thanks!!" She bows down respectively before running off to the oppisite direction. Suho lets out a shaky breath he had been holding in as he walks the way to the house. He began to sort out his conflicted feelings. First he seemed fairly attracted to the girl then he felt like a brotherly tug towards her and now he is looking at her in a affectionate way again? Why couldn't he sort out his thoughts? He has noted all the guys have some sort of interest in her, does he really want to fight his own brother for her? _______________ Sorry this chapter was crappy! I guess you guys have figured out all of exo-k has kinda fell for _______ (you). But i have a small question: Do you guys want Suho as a love intrest? Or as a brother? Please comment an answer! 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I would love to be tagged in this story and I think Suho oppa should be seen as a big brother
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