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It's finally happened, folks. Leonardo DiCaprio has finally, finally won the coveted academy award that he has yearned for his entire career.
Leo has been a bit of a running joke at the Academy Awards the past few years, as his list of nominated roles has grown, while the absence of his award has become more and more apparent. Leo fans worldwide have been championing his various performances as being Oscar-worthy but until now the Academy have been reluctant to see it the same way.
All that being said, Leo has certainly acted his shoes off. At very least it can be said that the man perseveres through the roughest of conditions. In Titanic he faced frostbite in some of his scenes, in Django Unchained he literally bled for his art, and in the Revenant he reportedly slept in animal carcasses to really get into the headspace of his character.
Leo has earned his win.
Personally, I had good times with the joke of the Oscar permanently eluding DiCaprio. It was the purest kind of schadenfreude to me. Had he never won, my own worthless pursuits would feel that much more validated. Yet, that is not to be. Which is right.
Leo has busted his ass to get where he is now. He can hang his head high in the hallowed halls of Hollywood stardom.

Cheers for Leonardo DiCaprio, recipient of the Academy Award for Best Actor, 2016.

Here's his remarkably humble acceptance speech: