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I love this post... definitely, our doctor is all a fashionista... Sorry Daejang... I think that he will have to spend all his money on IMJA!!! hahahahaha!! I loves her pumps and blue bag... everything!! source FEEDINGMYPROCRASTINATION I like this page because it shows the fashionista of the dramas, you can to see more here:
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but Eun Soo pumps doesn't have red soles?^^;
5 years ago·Reply
I think those are the pumps she used in presenting the drama!!
5 years ago·Reply
I don't think daejang has to worry bcs she is a doc a surgeon she can preety much afford dis stuff herself lol ;-)
5 years ago·Reply
Wowww...Dae Jang will spend his salary in Goryeo to getting those are expensive goods for Lovely Imja. :D
5 years ago·Reply
She's expensive but it's worth itp
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