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At this point, we've all learned a lot about each another.

With Monday's So Good Or No Good, we tell each other where we stand on raisins, tofu, and eating our pizza with ranch dressing.
With Wednesday's Funny Caption Contest, we engage in a match of wits, where the community's 'class clowns' rise to the top!
With Friday's Would You Rather?, we decide between Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility and whether we'd rather have no fingers or no toes.

But those games can only prepare you so much for Tuesdays.

Introducing Too Much Tuesdays, where we all get to learn a little Too Much about each other.

Every Tuesday, we'll be admitting some pretty gross things about ourselves. Have you gone a week without showering? Do you like the smell of your own pits? Have you used Vingle while pooping?

Don't worry. We'll all find out. We'll find out it all.

If you're one of the brave souls willing to join the official Too Much Tuesdays tag list, comment below.

The TMI-packed fun begins this week. (We're about to get MIGHTY close.)
You can tag me - won't promise to always comment - I do promise to laugh!
im in sounds fun
Sounds like fun lol. Tag me in!
tag me for now.
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