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-I do not own this picture- If you see someone sitting there in your class at school, or at work, with their head down, and looking like they could cry any second, don't just pass by and wave it off. You look at them and ask if they are okay, and if they are hesitant to answer, you know something is wrong. Ask them what the problem is, and give them the best advice you can. They WILL remember you. Only one stranger has done this to me, and that stranger is now my best friend. One of the best people I've come to know today. Only sometimes, can you find someone that special.
unfortunately, that's very true. @seika469
yeah well I think we all go through that phase sometime in life @AkayaWinchester
@seika469 I'm so sorry, you shouldn't have to feel that kind of pain
so sad it reminds me of myself