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So! This is a tribute to all the lovely people here who I have become close to! You're all so awesomeee!
@shannonI5 you were so sweet in welcoming me when I first discovered this place last October, and writing Captain Criminal Minds with you was a blast!! I'm so glad to know you!! I also super appreciate the help when writers block smacks me in the face on Agent Krystal. These are just some fun pictures I saw and thought of you. ^^ I adore you!
@mcbubbles You have been so helpful and supportive in writing my fic, and you have helped spark many an idea. You are such a sweet person, and I do so appreciate you! You rock!!
@arnelli The amazing and awesome Lord soft bottom!! I adore you, and thank you so very much for your support of my story!!
Last but certainly not least, the lovely @XavierLopez. You're a very fun person to talk to, and I'm glad to have met you. Also, more thanks for enjoying my story too.
thought you might. :)
@shannonl5 Did you look at the images?
YAY!!! We're so glad you're here ^_^
@Krystalstar22 lol yes I liked the Agent Carter one :D