I already have trouble following directions...do ya have to make it MORE difficult?
See....now, this is why I don't DO religion...
Weird warnings and irony
These innuendos are getting a little hard to swallow.
Nuclear weapons? Is this a problem now? Oh...it's the UN complex? I guess that makes sense... [Note: I don't actually know where this sign is hung.]
Can't get enough Soylent Green!
I wanna go where aliens are always welcomed!
"We should build a couple stores." "Sure, let's name it after the lake." "....Okay, make that SEVERAL stores."
Maybe the last one is in an area known for the ghost rider? idk?
but I don't want to be a pie!!!
Dude! Wtf lmfao @BeannachtOraibh this screams wait what and what the hell is wrong with humans! Love it
well that was a fun trip to weirdness land
@LadyLuna thank you 馃榾
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