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Guys have feelings too.

I'm well aware, but this isn't the kind of card you think it's about to be. The scenario usually goes a little something like this. Guy approaches girl, they hit it off and end up becoming an item. Somewhere along the way things turn sour and the girl realizes she's worth so much more -- ends up leaving the guy.
The guy begs and pleads for her to come back *cues how can I breathe by Mario*. A couple weeks later, the guy quits the begging and flips the script. The whole thing was a joke. He never had feelings for the girl to begin with -- or so he says. It was all good a week ago though, right? The girl posts to social media to show that she has since moved on and is focusing on herself despite her 'once lover's' false allegations.
So, the question I bring up is, why is that guys act like they were never truly interested in a woman when he realizes that there's no turning back? How childish is it for a man to bash a woman just because he did wrong? If you're wondering, I am referring to Jordin Sparks and her ex-boyfriend, Sage The Gemini. This is basically their story.
Jordin left Sage because he wasn't being faithful. Sage begged for Jordin's forgiveness via social media, but Jordin wasn't trying to hear the nonsense. Not even a week later and Sage is saying the entire relationship was just for show. This goes to show that men have insecurities just as women do. In my opinion, Sage was so embarrassed after pouring his feelings out online and not getting the reaction from Jordin that he expected -- he decided to do the unthinkable and put their relationship on blast. Talk about a coward.

Why do you think Sage acted in the manner he did?

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you did a good thing @buddyesd. you could've easily acted out like this guy, but you didn't. you moved on with your life and that's what he should've did as well. definitely shows that he is spoiled, insecure and a few other terms I'll leave for everyone else to think of on their own.
absolutely no clue why I didn't get a notification for your comment @shannonl5 but I totally agree, it's like hereditary for a man to feel and want to be in control. I think he definitely could've gone about this situation in a different way. I just find it extremely funny [not really], that once she decided she could do bad all by herself -- he decided that the entire relationship was never that serious to him. smh.
I can't speak for anybody else, but for myself I begged an ex to take me back but it turned out to be a the worst thing that happened. she didn't want to be with me and showed it. so I just flat out told her I got it and went my own way. but I never did what this guy did. I think it comes down to the guys being spoiled.
Of course he's insecure, but that doesn't mean that acting like a bully is an ok way to respond to that. Guys are trained to believe their value is all about being in control and having things (and women are on the list of 'things') but it's bs. You self worth comes from your actions, and throwing a tantrum when stuff doesn't go your way doesn't make you powerful it makes you a jerk