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I Google Searched Myself Lol
I was bored and decided to search my usual moniker of KokoroNoTakara and I definitely found myself!!! Lol, my twitter, my fanfiction.net account, my YouTube, EVERYTHING!!! OMG Lol... Holy crap!!! I really do use it EVERYWHERE!!! No wonder it was attached to my Social Security Number last year... Hahaha...
Since this is a personal card I am only tagging my closest Vingle Family members... @amobigbang @CreeTheOtaku @MadAndrea @PrincessUnicorn @SugaOnTop @VKookie47 @VixenViVi
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Lol google even has photos xD
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@PrincessUnicorn Omg right??? And those photos ARE me lol...
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Lol omg
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