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We're all beautiful tigers.

As women, it's normal to have stretch marks. Despite what society thinks, stretch marks or tiger stripes [as I like to call them] are absolutely beautiful. While I feel as women we should embrace our tiger stripes, for some they tend to be an insecurity and that's okay.
Like anything else, there's always a remedy. Introducing do-it-yourself stretch mark cream that you can easily create in the comfort of your own home. This cream only contains five ingredients and they are all natural. If you don't already own the ingredients called for in the video, they are definitely not hard to find. This cream is not only simple, but it's also effective. Ladies, if you're eager to rid yourself of your tiger stripes -- keep scrolling and check out the video below for a quick fix.

If you have them, do you embrace your tiger stripes?

Would you give this easy to make cream a try?
I used to be ashamed of the ones I have on the sides of my butt, but over the years it's become less of a big deal :) I'm we're all learning to love any marks on our bodies and use them to empower us ♡♡
yes! I love the idea of embracing them. I feel like they happen to be a reminder that we all need every now and then :) @DominiqueThomas
I have mines on my hips, but it's just little bit. I embrace it, because it represents me being a mother.
Well said @dajiyong! I definitely think society deems certain things as negative and its up to us to turn those so called "negatives" into positives :)