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4 me, the pain level is about equal. After I started homeschooling, my friends rarely txted me & when they did it didn't last lng. Bc I live in the countryside, it's not like I can walk over 2 a friends house & I had no way of going anywhere or seeing anybody. After a little over a yr of being truly alone like this, I felt like a there was a huge empty space in my heart & it was rly rly painful. Things r better now, but there has never been anything I hated more than that feeling.
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I've been made 2 feel alone by other ppl 2. Many times. That is extremely painful, but the empty hole I had in my heart from rly being alone was also unbearable. that's y it's equal 2 me.
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me everyday...
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@ynah2002 Sometimes I do it like Hikigaya. I don't WANT to deal with the fake people. The Filthy Casuals.
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