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But if it was Chanyeol on the hand, satansoo would have quickly smack the shit out of him with the hat.
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Hahaha he's just like "please no! Oh god no! I don't want to- oh...okay then...thank god....I didn't die...alright then...this is good..?"
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lol is it me or is it their fault they turn him into SatanSoo? Like I'd wanna beat someone too if you mess with me lol but he was SatanSoo in LA lol
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The way Chanyeol backed up in that first gif had me laughing. He was like nope let me move, I don't need him thinking it was me.
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you never know what you get with Kyungsoo like Suho you gotta be prepared for the worst. Santansoo is just a moment away at any given time.. I enjoy seeing my Squishy, its the highlight of my day ^.^
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