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We all love a good hack.

As much as we love a really good beauty hack, we can't over look the amazing fashion hacks that can come in handy when we least expect it. We've all had that run in our stockings or those shoes that got just a tad bit too dirty.
If you can relate, keep scrolling and check out ten fashion hacks that will make your life all the more easier.

What fashion hacks do you live by?

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The trick that I will never forget....well I don't even remember where I learned it hahaha but basically if you get deodorant on a black or dark colored shirt, grab a spare black t shirt and just rub the deodorant! it gets fibers on the marks so you can't see them / pulls them off! so helpful if you where black t's or shirts a lot~
or if you have black pumps that happened to chip or get scratches you can color in the missing paint with a black sharpie
when you have thick thighs and wear a dress or skirt rub deodorant where your legs touch to avoid rashes. Learned that from a runner.
Oh I also came across something like this on stumbleupon! I like watching this kind of vids haha
oh wow!!! that's definitely beneficial. I never knew that and luckily, black is one of my go to colors @hikaymm
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