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Not a secret anymore is it lol
Really Mino? Stay in your lane.
Awwww! Stop being perfect!
Are we in elementary school?
One kiss & your hooked huh?
6. Gave you a hickey while you were sleeping: Don't give me that innocent look! You're the only one here & I see the "present" you left me.
7. Had a one night stand with, now he's obsessed: At least you got the full show, Mino is sprung off of a kiss.
8. Oops got you pregnant: What is going on here? Soul stealers all of you!
9. Married him instead: In the end I got the one I want! WINNING!!
I love how you kept getting Tae 😀
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@PrettieeEmm I'm still at the start of the rabbit hole with them, he definitely sticks out the most though. lol
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it's the puppy dog eyes Lol @EliseB
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lol you may be right on that. @PrettieeEmm
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