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I don't like this I don't like that. I freaking hate change. Yes, this is what is going on with many comic book readers. They had the shock when Thor was turned into a female and did not really want to swallow the pill, but I believe that might have blown over and people have moved on to nit pick on something or someone else. Change is never easy.. Below you will see some changes that people up in arms
Instead of her black leotard, artist decide to give Ms. Marvel a make over. She is still strong and a great leader, they just got rid of her skimpy look and gave her an more authoritative look. I'm not angry, characters can be sexy with pants too.
Batgirl fans were mad that she left her skin tight suit. Which honestly could event compared to a second layer of skin. Artist took Batgirl and have her a major update. Now she is able to breath in her suit. It's not skin tight and she still can kick but in it too. Sounds like a win win to me, but others again can not deal with change.
Ooooo sexy sexy! Who does not know about Psylocke the Assassin! She is beautiful, smart, quick and deadly. She was actually one of my top five favorite females of Marvel. When ever I came across a comic that had her in it. I was excited. Now presto chango, that look is not totally practical and not serious looking. Even if she quoted Liam from the movie Taken, her targets would be more interested in her, not the reason she was sent to take whomever out. Artist took a look at Psylocke and gave her an updated assassin look. Still dangerous and can be an fem fatal without having her thighs talk for her instead of her weapons.
Look it's another spider! Yes! But this one is Spider-Woman and goes by the name Jessica. Both her and Spider-Man have suits that are tight but Jessica is more looks like she is in a sausage case instead. What did artist do? They got together and thought about what Jessica does as Jessica.. Which is an Detective. They updated her look and gave her some wiggle room.
Fishnets and fighting. Taking names and then screaming her head off at you. Dangerous, very much so. You would think with all that fighting she would end up with a hole in those stripper fishnets but, nope. Maybe they are made out of Teflon. I don't freaking know. But the artist do and have gave her an update. Those pants look like they have a fishnet patten but guess what, they are pants. Also the whole new look in a nutshell to me gives her a warrior feel
Wonder Woman is Wonderful. We a know her on that skin tight suit, flying around and bring down justice with her. Artist gave Wonder Woman an update... She is bitchin in a good way lol. I'm talking leather pants, leather jacket and man.. She can strike the fear of God with the bad ass make over. This screams I take no name I bring the pain and the justice. Wonder Woman also gives me that enforcement feel with her update. I want to say she was messing around with Judge Dreed
The funny thing about this is you would think that men are the ones complaining about the change but it's both sides! I think the updated looks are awesome! I hope they get the chance to do some updated looks on other characters too, like Power Girl. Men can get updates too, like we can dye Batman's hair! Oh yeah, no one sees that! Lmao. Ending my yet another Satirical Piece. Here at Marvel right in my own Merc with a Mouth backyard. Under all the bodies that Deadpool through back there, they came out with Gwenpool! Her look to me was a hot mess, especially for a teenager that is looking up to Deadpool. I know that sounds strange, who the hell would look up to Deadpool unless you have screws missing. But it happens I guess . Anyway, two Vinglers @MichaelOgg and @BeannachtOraibh gave her a make over that looked amazing and fit what the character is suppose to be. A broke teenager, trying to be Deadpool and get Deadpool type money. (sorry Gwenpool, you are not going to bank like Wade anytime soon remember, Deadpool can heal and risk himself. You on the other hand can bleed out and DIE) I hope you guys enjoyed my little writing piece! Btw, the artist to the updated looks to these ladies are men too lol. So can't knock them for trying to get people to accept something new, like a costume Mrs Wade Wilson
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Yea the old costumes were nice but I like the update. I think you can bed hot without leaving little to the imagination. And like @redapple615. said the more realistic look really suits them and makes them feel more human.
I like the new costume updates
I was thinking the same thing @redapple615. It wouldn't be comfortable fighting in fishnets and a high cut body suit. I like the updates especially Wonder Woman.
I actually like the costume changes. Sometimes you need to give heroes a more "realistic" costume to kick ass in. I like the old costumes but the new ones seem more practical. And I agree, a heroine can still look sexy in pants.
@JimTurpen trenchcoats everywhere! nothing says gritty and hard boiled like a trenchcoat!
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