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And if I can add to this quote, the sexiest kiss is the one that comes after a scintillating (and dramatic) pause and hover--that moment right before the lips collide! WOW!
Everyone says that your first kiss is the most (fill in the blank). Honestly, I don't remember mine. At. All.
But I can remember several that have come since!

Do you have a favorite kiss?

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ohhh I like this. It's the idea an thought of anticipation that makes the final kiss worth it!!
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Love the quote! But i really can't tell which was my fav kiss. Every kisses were superb for me.
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I think the kisses i share with my boyfriend after we have been away from each other for so long are the best. So mich passion in them... Definitely will make a girl go crazy
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sounds great @mundanegirl
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