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Yup, I have to talk to my other personas to see if they would agree lol. But I can tell you LAVONYORK might not be sure, she is a bitch lol but Lydia is down. I have been apart of these amazing community for about 6 months and I met great people @shannonl5 @MichaelOgg @amobigbang @butterflyblu @BeannachtOraibh @buddyesd @nobankai @kuzuri96 @MoisEsGaray @SamTheMallow @InVinsybll @InPlainSight @JimTurpen @Danse @CreeTheOtaku @BelleofRay @redapple615 @MelissaGarza @Boggleman and the list can go on. These people here at Marvel and the few names I missed, do not annoy me and that makes me happy. I actually enjoy their company and I get excited to come on Vingle to read the amazing cards and kick back and relax as my kidney transplant heals. Also my love for Marvel definitely travels outside of this realm. I have met people like @marshalledgar @alywoah @AlloBaber @TessStevens @danidee @jordanhamilton as well. My Winchester family as well. So I must say I'm absolutely greatful for everyone. If I did not mention your name, I did not forget you. You have a special place in my growing Vingle heart! Don't change people just don't!

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@shannonl5 its those dam Loki sprinkles...I think @inplainsight licked them again
You're amazing! And I'm so glad that you have become apart of my vingle group of friends.
Thanks for including me @lavonyork. Regrettably, I am not a Marvel fan. Oops! Sorry. LOL But thank you for thinking of me nonetheless! :)
Lmao, that bottom gif is so cute. I can't even right now.
@LAVONYORK almost every post
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