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Parts: all found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related content

Daehyun walks in and I'm following close behind. Himchan jumps out of his chair and hugs me. "Seunghye! Are you okay? I'm glad I got here before they did anything else." I push him off. "If you were so worried why didn't you respond days ago!" "Days ago? He just told me today! I came as soon as possible." "What do you mean?" Youngjae sighs. "Yeah, there's more to this then just wanting you to leave the area. I also wanted to take your sister from you. I think it's only fair since you took my brother from me." "Well, I'm here to take her back. So you can forget about whatever your plan is." "We'll see about that. But you know, I went through all this trouble so why don't you hear me out. I mean, you're long winded with your speeches so why not listen to mine." He's only met with glaring eyes and a look of disdain. "Alright then. So first, I told Seunghye several lies about you in hopes to make her emotionally vulnerable and confused." "What did you tell me that was a lie?" "Aside from telling you he wasn't responding, Yongguk told you most of them. It's true he killed my brother; but no, he doesn't have prostitutes working for him." I can't believe Yongguk mislead me like that. "How could yo-" "And before you blame Yongguk, I lied to him about that so it's not really his fault." I look to him but he's looking down; he feels bad because whether it was intentional or not, he still lied to me. "Moving on, once that happened then I was going to take advantage of the state she was in to get her to bond with me, I then hurt her emotionally leaving Yongguk to be the only one for her to turn to for comfort. Surprisingly, she came to apologize so to further solidify what was between them, I let Yongguk be the hero and save her from my "attack". That was spur of the moment, but it definitely worked." Himchan immediately diverts his attention to me. "What's he talking about? You like him?" Youngjae pipes in. "Indee she does, just look at her. She's definitely let him mark his territory." Himchan walks away and pulls Yongguk to him by his collar. "How dare you put your filthy hands on my sister! Did you realize what you were doing. I wanted to kill you, but I was feeling sympathetic, so I wasn't going to. But you just put a huge target on your back." I shove myself in between them, pushing Himchan away from Yongguk. "I'm a grown woman! I can be with whomever I choose!" "You don't know him!" "I know enough!" "He's a monster! He hurts people!" "I know what he does, but I also know who he is. I'm done talking about this Himchan. You're not touching him again." Youngjae clears his throat. "As I was saying. Now the last step is simple. I could have just done it and sent a video, but I thought doing it in person would have a better effect." Youngjae walks over to Daehyun. Lifting his shirt and grabbing his gun. Himchan directs his anger to Youngjae. "You said we'd be unarmed!" "I am. Yongguk is. Daehyun just came in so it's not like he knew." Himchan would do something, but he's not going to aggravate the only person with a gun. "What are you planning?" "To take your sister away remember?"
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@HopeAndSunshine @axosrain It's goin down for real! *plays music*
If this was a drama, I had THE perfect ending theme song to that cliffhanger!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Warrior started playing as I was reading the lady couple of paragraphs!
omg no! Youngjae Why?!?? Just be with me instead lol
@MadAndrea I am a waiting for some buttkicking
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