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Btw that is Joker from Mass Effect giving the ulimate face palm. I been there Joker... I been there. As a Rouge Underground player on Xbox Live, I have received plenty of WTF messages that includes, male junk, confessing love, any girlfriends, angry wives, and other stuff I'm not going to get into lol. It's hard out there on live, especially if you play COD, Hell any game that is has to do with tdm! I personally have never sent out horrible messages.. However, I have left party chat and went to game chat and yelled at a few people before and telling them to "nut up" . Yup, they got on track and they were talking among each other saying stuff like "Dude, that was a girl". Lol, honestly maybe puberty hit them hard after I yelled lol.

Now to the mess below. Like I said Mature audiences. You know, crude humor, language, adult content (that is off the wall ridiculous) .

Btw just warning you if you read it, all I'm going to say is little kids are evil
Wtf people!
Yup, my head is spinning like Shepherd. Don't know what the duck is up with live players! Safe gaming people! @poojas @paulisadroid @InVinsybll And the rest of the Vingle community!
These are so cringe-worthy. Why why why? Ugh!
Lol some crazy nuts out there
@LAVONYORK for real! these little kids be triflin on the mic
@InVinsybll that one is classic! Because little kids are usually the ones that are going off on the mic or inboxs 😂
I love the one where his mom made him apologize
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